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Reverse Appellations

I’ve been thinking about the AMA with More specifically the conversation regarding appellations and how they might apply to weed.
One of the quotes that stood out to me was from @Strainly

“That said, something grown indoor with artificial lights, using hydroponics should probably not be eligible to any appellation.”

… The thing I keep thinking about is, what about Reverse Appellation? Why not create an indoor environment that perfectly mimics the “natural” environment that the strain your growing is from. I mean, we do it to a certain extant anyway, right? So it wouldn’t be hard to tilt it a little. Down to the soil and water and air!
I need some brains behind this. Any thoughts?


I think it’s a great idea!

Indoor growers can, conceivably, re-create almost any geographic and environment, so why not? What do other growers think?


I mean lets say if your growing an X18, or a Mazar-i-sharif, you could totally get the soil make-up and water makeup (pH, etc) of those places (Mendocino & Afghanistan, respectively)
, but where could you get soil info on places in afghanistan?


Lots of pairs of government issued boots with soil samples that could be tested, I imagine.

Considering how a lot of these Mazar seeds show up in the U.S., I don’t think getting Afghanistan soil samples would be too terribly difficult.


I have land race Mazar-i-sharif seeds sourced from the province… You have me thinking… maybe I should try it…lol… I have some Himalayan land race too from high in the mountains…


This idea of reversing appellations is very rabbit-hole-esque…
It would take a lot of work to perfectly simulate an environment, and in thinking about this there’s a lot of interesting information to be had. Here’s some things I’ve found:

Digital Soil Map of the World (really nice interactive map with soil distinctions):

Map of Balk Provence, Afghanistan (Mazar-i-Sharif) with annual rainfall, temps, and elevation, etc.

A deep dive into the basics of water around the world:

Will Cannabis Have Appellations Like Wine? (Mary Jane article)

A very informative article about Mendocino cannabis appellations

Good information on the terroir of different regions in Napa Valley, with short descriptions of climate, elevation, rainfall, soils, etc.

The Mendocino County wine is an appellation that designates wine made from grapes grown mostly in Mendocino County, California. The region is part of the larger North Coast AVA and one of California’s largest and most climatically diverse wine growing regions. Mendocino County is one of the northernmost commercial wine grape regions in the state with two distinct climate zones separated by the Mendocino Range. Ten American Viticultural Areas have been designated within Mendocino County. Mendocino is one of the leading wine growing regions for organically produced wine grapes. Nearly 25% of the acreage in Mendocino County is grown organically. In 2004, the residents of the county voted to become the first GMO-free county in the United States in an initiative that was supported by many of the county’s largest wineries. The county’s widespread focus on organic viticulture has inspired journalists to describe it as “California’s organic wine Mecca”. Wikipedia

One thought I keep having is that these appellations, these terroirs, are getting blown to shit with climate change. Reverse appellations just might be the future!


This topic is absolutely fascinating me… I hate indoor growing… I live for outdoor… but I am willing to experiment and kill 1000 plants in the name of learning…lol… might have to see what i can learn here… I have a place that will mix any soil I want…lol… I think I will be researching later tonight and seeing what can be done with the mazar-i-sharif, kuamoni, chitrali and pavarti…lol… thank you so much for getting this topic started… @zanzibar


Appellation is the difference between being able to call your product Champagne or Sparkling Wine.

I think we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves with this talk of appellating the weed industry. True appellation would be Afghani strains being grown solely in Afghanistan and such.

Instead of appellation, have various official “Grown in______” stamps. Like other agricultural groups.


That’s exactly what I did this year in Michigan. Starting March 1st with seed, then 3 months inside during veg and then outside June 2nd, for the natural 12/12 for another 2 -3 months for flower… They are doing awesome. Northern Lights and 1 Grape Ape. Will post picks of grow. Animal and insect free.


How are you staying in flower in Michigan in June… are you light depping… I am in Canada right beside Michigan and none of my outdoor ever flower until August 7-15… I only ask as I would love to flower out side in June…or they are autos…lol…


I started them indoors from seed on March 1st… Duplicating the conditions of the west coast… They are autos but I was able to keep them in veg for 3 months, now they are bursting… My #3 was the only plant to flower early.


I have 3 gorilla glue autos that are going outside tomorrow, but I happen to be on the west coast. :slightly_smiling_face: Mine have been inside for 3 weeks due to crappy SoCal weather. Hope they turn out as good as yours.


Makes sense now… just know you can’t keep an auto in veg more than it will let you…


Right. I was gonna ask how you kept it in veg so long too. I can tell mine already don’t want to stay there.


And you never will with an auto…


Aren’t there the occasional autos that don’t ever want to flower, also?


I did not stress them out too much at once, and I transplanted one time, with lots of mycorrhiza, a well developed seedling to a 20 gallon pot. I also used a more intense light (450 watt hps) instead of a mH during veg, and during the last week before they went outside I went from 18/6 to 12/12 which spurred 9 out of 10 plants to start the budding process. It’s like they are bursting with bud now. Very happy plants… Its been a fun experiment.


I totally agree :100: they look fantastic!


Yeah my #3 had a mind of it’s own, but I believe it may have stressed more than the others…


You can possibly stretch veg by manipulatng the nutes a bit, or rather, you can possibly postpone full-on blooming by manipulating the nutes a bit. Doesn’t work on all auto strains/phenos, but I’ve had enough success that I’d say it’s a reliable way of pushing your autos to their fullest potential.

Not sure about keeping them in veg for 3 months, though. :grinning: I’ve been able to hold off full-on flowering til week 7.