Scryptic's Newbie Grow --> Blackberry Kush & Super Silver Haze

This is my first cannabis grow and first post here at GN! Here we go!


  • Blackberry Kush x1
  • Super Silver Haze x3

All Photoperiod Feminized

Grow Space & Equipment

Soil, Ferts, etc.

Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Soil
10 Gallon fabric pots
Coast of Maine Stonington Plant Food
Coast of Maine Buds & Blooms Fertilizer
Bloom City Silica Boost
Bloom City Cal-Mag
Aloe Vera Gel Powder 200x
Epsom Salt
GreenEden EndoBoost Mycorrhyzzal

Light Cycle
18/6 for vegetative


I started the first 2 plants, BBK & SSH, about 30 days ago. The other 2 SSH are still just seedlings about 7 days old.

Here they are after starting LST recently.

31 Days


If u rip them big ass leaves covering all the bottom stuff off the bottom nodes will get light and grow also. If u keep the big leaves from shading those node areas u’ll have lots more sites to play with and fill the scrog faster. Even if u can tuck the leaves in a spot and they stay out of the lights way will work. Pull or tuck thos big leaves on top and watch them bottoms grow faster. Each time the plant gets like 5 plus inches above the scrog weave and tuck it with the top bud in a spot ur gonna wanna leave it to grow and fill out the canopy. Trying to get a complete list going here in a few for u. With all the fricken sicknesses going around here. I sure not gonna get this shit. Kids and wife r fricken horrible stuffy and just bad sinus issues right now. Was.fine yesterday all woke up feeling like hell ran them over. Lol.


I was actually thinking about snipping the fan leaves yesterday. I will definitely do that now! Thanks for the tip! :sunglasses:


Don’t get crazy on it til she established a bit more growth but ripping some big ones off will do her justice u will see. Rip one off 2 more grow back even faster it seems. Lol.


I trimmed less than a third of the foliage overall. It really opened up without those giant fan leaves.

I recently moved the fans further away from the plants and I see what looks like wind damage on some of the new growth. :grimacing:


Does it look like I have been over watering?


Looks good to me.



Do you think I would have issues with 2 seedlings being a month behind the ones in veg?

I figured I would be able to LST the older ones to keep them short until the younger ones are big enough to flower.


They def look like they need more light. Lift them higher so the don’t stretch so much. U wanna keep nodes as tight as u can. Like 18 in away if u see the top leaves look like they r starting to stay yellowish not green lower it some. An inch or 2.


The seedlings?

I just placed them on the bucket right before I took that picture. They are getting about 250 PPFD

The larger ones are getting about 350 PPFD. Should I increase to 400 or more?


I don’t go by par meters so I couldn’t tell ya yes or no lol I go by feel. What kind of light is it again I don’t remember.


It’s a 400 watt LED so it’s dimmable. Running at about 60% power right now.

I will take your word for it and increase and monitor. I’ve been going according to this PPFD chart but it looks like I might be increasing too slowly.


Yeah I don’t follow this as a plant at 8 weeks for us may be way diff than their diagrams ect. If u set it hand palm down and top of hand facing light and leave in one spot. If the light warms up hand it is too much for the plant lower power or lower plant. If it don’t get warm on the hand the plant will be okay. If u happen to see stretch between nodes of more than 1 inch lower the light or raise the plant an inch or 2 at a time to stop the stretch but now harm the plant by burning it. U’ll see tops of leaves seem to lighten to yellow looks of it is too much light if they appear to be staying yellowish compared to the lowers than the light is a bit too much lower one or the other some not a lot as the plant grows u wanna raise the power up so when u hit flower u wanna be at full power this way as she grows thru flower at a certain point u can start to dial the dimmer back down slowly. Kinda mimic the sun outside. Lights would be sweet if they had a mode on them when they come on they come on lowest power and slowly thru a 20 minute period turn up to the power level u have it set at. And then u can set it to dial back slowly thru the days kind of like the sun raising and lowering to start and finish the days. To me seems like too much computer shit involved and I hate computers. Lol.


They actually have that sunrise/sunset function in my cloud controller but it doesn’t turn off the LED completely at night so I switched to using a mechanical timer.


Thank you for the advice by the way. I guess I’m late increasing light but better late than never. Hopefully the nodes tighten up a bunch.


want to ask that control can other people find it too? see they are bluetooth and wifi. can the neighbor plug in or see it is
something shady



That is the AC Infinity Controller 69 PRO, Smart Environmental Controller with Temperature, Humidity, VPD, Timer, Cycle, Schedule Controls, for Grow Tent Cooling Ventilation Lighting

I believe it’s made specifically for AC Infinity LEDs but it works with my Sonofarm 4000 Pro’s Meanwell driver except for turning it completely off.

I use it still to control a heater, humidifier, and the inline fan. Works like a charm.

It connects to your smartphone initially using Bluetooth and then once you have that you can connect it to your home WiFi network and access your controller settings and readings from anywhere. It’s really slick for having peace of mind especially since my grow is at a location separate from where I live.

Neighbors shouldn’t be able to see or access it after you have it setup unless they hack your WiFi or your network is unsecured with no :key:


I use a lot of the AC Infinity controllers, as well as two VivoSun controllers.

They all work well. The AC Infinity also have fans and humidifiers connected to them. The VivoSuns run one of their fans as well as their exhaust system (separate systems).


I may have been a little aggressive with the pruning.

I took about 1/3 of overall foliage but I did snip a few days ago. I also put on LST clips so maybe that’s why it looks sparse…

Did I stress out my plants?