Seeder Breeder Grow Journal let the pollen begin!

Yes it is the ghostship from Colorado seed inc is a killer cultivar to have!


A quick update. I’ve been getting rain storms almost every evening. I have only had to water once since last week when it started. Looks like it should be like this for the next week. There has only been a couple storms since the first that have really put some moisture down. But its been enough to keep the breed spot at least watered enough.

The breeding tent is really killing it right now. Both of the females are starting to get little popcorn buds. I am trying to wait another week so there will be more bud sites to pollinate. The male is nutting all over itself too! I want to collect some of the pollen but will just wait until I’m ready to pollinate. Just get the old two birds one stone. Less pollen spreading and less showers that way too. The Ghost of Leroy is really just something else. Already just covered in stickiness. Doesn’t look like the pollen is actually getting to either of the females, so I will have to help the polination process. Better that way I have the control I want.


Got back last night to check the breed spot. Haven’t seen any lady bugs since releasing them and they aren’t prevalent around there anyways. Saw a couple aphids so I decided to try doing my IPM this time with diatomaceaus earth. Plan on spraying later in the week, not sure yet what I’ll use. Either neem oil, or horticultural oil. Also planning on purchasing some suffoil x so I can use that as another option for my IPM. So far I like the results from both the neem oil and the horticultural oil. Not so much on some other sprays I have tried.

The male Ghost Ship is getting very close to starting to barely release some pollen sacks. I’m really hoping all these ladies catch up and start flowering before this male starts letting the pollen FLY! But the ladies are killing it! The Doobiebird Daydream I put out before sexing is really looking promising to be female. So that would be two out of three. It’s been raining almost every day at least. Enough I wont be worried about watering the breed spot for almost a week once the rain finally does stop. Which is rare for being in a high country desert. But I love this kind of weather so I’ll take every last bit.


In the breed tent the male Ghost of Leroy duckfoot is finally pretty much finished releasing all of its pollen so this morning before work I did a little bit of pollination enough to see some dust fly. When I got home I completely finished the male and did my best to pollinate both of the ladies I could. Changed the lights to 11.5 on and 12.5 off for a couple days and will transition into 11 on and 13 off.

I cant wait to be able to harvest these seeds. But am very excited to watch them grow and finish along the way. Being this is my first indoor breed. Or indoor flower as a matter of fact.

Finished Male Ghost of Leroy duckfoot.

Female Ghost of Leroy



The results of my test of trying to harvest the pollen sacks early and hoping they would release after drying out did not go as I hoped. The little pollen I might have gotten was probably from the few sacks that were ready. And might not be any good anyways at this point because it got so wet.

The better way of doing this or the only way. Is to wait until the pollen sacks do start releasing. Maybe go for a 50/50 on pollen sacks releasing and once that haven’t fully opened yet. Get a cookie tray or a trim tray and cover it in tinfoil. Clip all the branches with the pollen sacks and let them fall onto that tray. Once you get all the branches cut you can place the tray in a place that it will be undisturbed by anything even the slightest breeze. Wait two weeks and let the rest of any pollen that will release and fall off. Remove the branches and pollen sacks you can either fold the aluminum foil up and put it in the freezer or crease it down the middle and pour the pollen into a ziplock.

Collected some good pollen while I was pollinating. Have to have some of that duckfoot!

Pollen sacks that are very close to being ready but havent quite released yet. If you find a male in your garden at this stage and you aren’t wanting seeds well you better get to chopping fast and carefully.

Here you have the pollen sacks completely released.


If there is one thing I’ve learned about kale. Is that aphids sure do like it, a lot. Another thing I have learned about aphids is that they can be hard to identify going from different kinds of plants. Such as Kale here you can see that the larvae are almost the same color as the kale itself. Because they feed of off the plant this is the results. In some cases they can be more clear or see thru. The aphids I see on the farm that feed off of the alfalfa look very bright green. Cannabis they can be more lighter green or clear. But I was able to capture a perfect picture of these pesky bugs at not only its final stage but also its larvae stage. These are not what the eggs look like. The eggs are just these tiny little white specs that will only be on the underside of the leafs. Mainly in the creases and ridges. Very tiny.


The breed spot is taking this weather like a champ. I’ve been checking every day just to make sure nothing bad has happened. I only needed to stake one plant up and the rest are all doing just fine. The amount of rain we have been getting is unreal. There are flash flood warnings, the river is raging. There is floods close nearby in Utah. A little bit of hail here and there but nothing that has done any kind of damage so far. The plants are getting huge! I just want them to flower already.


In the breed tent the ladies are definitely pregnant! So excited to harvest these seeds. Went back one last time to make sure that I get every seed I possibly can I finger pollinated everything one more time.


First real harvest from the garden this year. I’ve been getting lots of squash and zucchini already. But now the peppers are coming in tomatoes and cucumbers next! But looks like all next week there is going to be peppers galore!


So in four days this is what the breed spot has done.

The Ghost Ship bx male decided to nut a little early on a few sacks. Everything else is in such heavy veg some of the plants almost doubled in size in just four days. The rain has been a blessing and everyone has appreciated it because we need it. When I got back today everything that is in the ground still has plenty of moisture for at least another day. But the ones in the fabric pots were getting thirsty. It looks like the storm is slowly dissipating so I’m sure I will have to be back to hauling water soon enough.

So the female with the super red branches like the Ghost Ship male is the Aloha Limone. Now these two are both from Colorado Seed Inc. but not only are these two phenos going to mix perfectly, they are from two different series from CSI. Which means that they both will have different mothers and fathers. I like how that tiny preflower is reaching and twisting. Oh speaking of preflower. Most all of the females are back into a hard veg if they were in any kind of preflower. Well that male just releasing a couple pollen sacks withing practically the last four days is already getting some of these ladies prego! I just hope the females can start catching up quick.

Here is a closer picture of the spindly twisty preflower hair. The pollen sacks circled in yellow have not released yet, but will very soon possibly some within the next day. The sack circled in red is a pollen sack that has released and being outdoors probably has little to no pollen left. Almost as soon as just a couple pollen sacks open and release the pollen will be gone. Now when they all open there will be enough pollen that there will still be plenty stuck to the plant and continuously releasing for about a week or two depending on cultivar and male. The two main factors of moving the pollen will be the wind and the rain. The wind can carry the pollen up to thirty miles in perfect conditions. Being on the side of the canyon it’s practically impossible for the pollen to travel that far in my circumstances. Rain will just wash the pollen off the plant and @tenga in her collecting pollen- the Goddess way taught us that water inactivates/ruins/sterilized/makes pollen infertile. If you had any animals or you brush up against the plant or even come to close when a breeze comes by well that is just another way the pollen can be moved and spread so watch out and be careful. If I go to the breed spot from here on out until I can kill the male I plan on taking a shower and washing my clothes right after I get back.

Happy Growing!


Put down some tin foil to hopefully catch what seeds do fall down. And I can still be able to know which plant it came from :crossed_fingers:

Did lots of work on the breed spot last night. I finally got one of my OG 2017 Hay Fevers to show female sex and I got her put out into the breed spot! Finally full. The Willy Wonka Kush my partner and I were hoping would turn female ended up going male so we got rid of him as soon as I could! So I actually have a spot open. So now there is only one plant there that hasn’t shown sex everything else is female for sure.

The ghost ship male is really looking awesome! Still releasing pollen a little before all the females are getting into preflower but hopefully everything will work out. Also dumped my first 10 gallons down the gravity feed drip system last night and 10 more this morning. So the rain is gone and I’m finally back to watering. It was good while it lasted. Only one of the plants was starting to droop as of yesterday. And it hasn’t really rained for at least 4 days. So they all got nice and thirsty I’m sure. The plants are at a size at this point I know they will easily suck up 20 gallons a day! Also I finally got to to more IPM at the breed spot last night I mixed up two gallons of horticulture oil and soaked the whole place down. They love that stuff and the aphids and pests don’t! Oh and Clark & Company are awesome I contacted them after getting a batch of lady bugs half dead. Not really their fault they got rushed by tons of customers and sent them over the weekend. Anyways they gave me a whole new batch free of charge and it showed up yesterday and we’ll over half the lady bugs were definitely alive! So I gave them to my partner so he can release them all with the ladies. I’ll buy another batch for the breed spot and hopefully that will keep the aphids at bay until harvest.


Beautiful garden!! And, I loved the Rolling Rock cans :slight_smile:


Okay here’s a quick update since it’s been so long. I sprayed for bugs in the breed tent the other day and learned the lessons of spraying heavy and not ventilating within 24 hours. Bud ROT! ouch good thing I’m going for seeds anyways. The cherry is the only one who got the bud rot the Ghost of Leroy has not gotten any. Lucked out with that one.

The breed spot is banging so hard some of the females are getting to be five feet tall and strangling each other for room. The male Ghost Ship is releasing pollen like crazy so there are seed pods already starting on the females who have any preflowers. The females are all in a pretty heavy veg still. Starting to turn to preflower on a couple. I’ve been giving at least 10 gallons of water a day. Looks like their might be some rain next week so I’ll be happy to get anything we can.

Last night I started collecting pollen off of my male Durban Poison. I’ll collect again once more the beginning of next week and then he’ll be dead.

I put in a huge order for more nutrients and sprays for flowering so I’m excited for all of that to show up so we can start getting everything sprayed and start feeding all the ladies that are going into bud!

Clark and Co did a huge solid and sent me a free 1500 pack of lady bugs since the first one I ordered ended up showing up with half dead. Even when we released them they didn’t stick around. But boy this last batch we got was really alive and is sticking around better than any pack we’ve ever gotten. So huge shout out to Clark and Co. My partner hasn’t even seen any aphids and I can’t find any either at his place with all the ladies we are harvesting for buds.

Happy growing everyone and I’ll have a better update soon with plenty more pictures!


We trsnsplanted one of the ladies into a 30 gallon white fabric from 247 garden man the girl looked like a different plant once we got done!

Now onto the breed spot. Went down tonight to move the drip line and install a section of drip tubing. Well I figured when I was down there I could collect some pollen real fast in a plastic bag. Well come to find out about done harvesting every branch I could. The male isn’t releasing to much yet and it was windy today so there wasn’t a passel load of pollen. But guess what I see crawling around in the bag, oh no not aphids this time. Much worse thrip. Well good thing I got my botanigard in tonight and I’ll spray they tomorrow as soon as I can. I did some diatomaceous earth for tonight just hoping it only is on the male and doesn’t spread.


Got my botanigard in last night so everything worked perfectly with the timing of seeing thrip the night before I sprayed the entire garden I sprayed the Krishna x LA Confidential twins and the breed spot! Keeping up with my IPM. So if there was thrip spreading to any spots that will limit the spreading. It will also knock back any aphids that were trying to come back. Everything is killing it for sure. The ghost ship male tho looks like it needs some kind of nutrients I was thinking possibly some cal mag and or some potassium. I have some cal mag and I have some potassium sulfate. Since it’s a male I’m not to worried but I do want it to keep releasing pollen for as long as I can get it to. So anyone’s thoughts on that. The only thing I’ve feed this year has been great white. The soils I use are pretty much super soils once I get done amending them. So most of the nutrients should already be in the soil. But the ghost ship has been in this fabric pot for a long time and won’t be getting any new homes. Thanks!

Happy growing !


Are you just growing on the side of a mountain?

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Well kind of yes I’m growing on the side of a canyon. All my property but yes literally on the side of a canyon on the edge of a cliff!

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Man ! That is a heck of a grow !
You have allot of work into that


Thank you! I sure do. It’s been worth every bag of soil I lug over my shoulder down to that spot!


We like to call it high country desert around here!