Shilajit 6 plant test justgrowin

Thanks to @vladimir for the shilajit trial bottles. We will b running 6 randi’s. (randoms) for this test.

A little backstory to the plants being used.

We keep a pot of dirt in the seedling/clone area that we toss all seeds that dont germinate within a week or so into and keep it moist with a bag on top of it. Once a month we turn the soil and discard the bottom.

About once or twice a week we find a popper seedling coming out of the dirt. These seeds are all good plants and most often by flower we have them identified but are always used for personal smoke or edibles.

We will b using 6 of them for this test run. Mayb we can have some fun playing identify that strain as well. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Here are the babies now.

These 6 are being started in a tent. I normally dont grow in tents :woozy_face: but this breeder tent happened to b empty so I snagged it for this test. Once they go into bigger pots they will go into a veg room.

This is a leaf off a randi that grew out previously.

Enjoy the ride



They’ve been through some stress and bug issues but all better now on their way looking better


I’ll be following this one @justgrowin
Just a quick question, what are the “U” bent pipe cleaners for in the cups?


Moisture measurement…???..


Oh. Lol. They actually were just strain markers. I dropped 150 seeds at the same time. These 6 were for this test.

White = shilajit trial


WOW a 150, where do you have space for so many plants?
How many of the 150 popped?

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It’s very good for checking moisture And very Inexpensive However not sure how reliable it is for PH it does 3 Things ph testing and Moisture


I try not to b negative. BUT, I would never use one of those. They are extremely inaccurate in all aspects.

147 popped.

50 were all the same strain and 50 others were another strain for breeding a new strain. Only 20 of each will make the first cut and only 10 the 2nd and only 5 will go to flower. 1 male and 4 females. That’s what happens on an F1 round of breeding. So that accounts for 100 of the 150 seeds.

I have a large grow space.

We grow in rooms and breed in tents.


Yes I do not recommend using it for ph and/or light test but it seems to work well check for moisture over watering plants is a very pad thing,
… I only have 3 types, However looking forward to that Seed swapped


Ok so I will start applying shilajit to the 3 test subjects tomorrow.

All are in Roots Organics Greenfields soil.


I have rearranged them so I think I have strain v strain from my experience growing out these seeds. We’ll see how young I’m able to guess their strain. There’s probably over 100 strains in my random pot they could b.


So test case # 1

Shilajit v NFTG. Nectar for the Gods


Test case # 2

Shilajit v Advanced Nutrients Ph perfect line


Test case # 3

Shilajit v Roots organics


And I decided to run one against my own tea. (I will put the ingredients and dose at each feeding as it changes per the stage of the plant). This is what I feed with most of the time. But Bc I spend a lot of time in the hospital I have to have nutes on hand so others can help feed. So this little girl has entered the race. She won’t b official cuz there’s no room for her in the tent so she will have a different environment making the results skewed. But out of curiosity I ran her anyway.


Enjoy the show.
Oh by the way. For those of u who know the cops took all my plants. I think we’re back up and running.

Farmers don’t quit. Have a great day farmers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad you are back at it. Don’t open the door next time.


First application done.

Is this stuff supposed to b thick like molasses? I had to irrigate the bottle to get it out. No way to measure it. Hoping each vial is a gallons worth to mix.

Feedings were all done on the light side, they all still have cots

Each plant in the back row got 16 oz of shilajit water.

The NFTG plant got athenas aminas, demeters destiny, Zeus juice, and Medusa’s magic.

The Advance Nutrients plant got micro, grow, bloom, b-52, voodoo juice, sensizyme, and bud candy

The Roots Organics plant got Trinity, Buddha, oregonismXL, cal mag, honey chome and slf-100

My tea was mixed with alfalfa, slf-100, kelp, oregonismXL, and unsulphured black molasses

They will b transplanted and moved to the veg room this coming week. They don’t all need it but for this test we will keep everything on the same schedule.

Don’t worry it’s boring now but will get more exciting as they grow up.

Enjoy the super bowl. If your smoking it up right u will need some of these.


Day 1 after initial application. Not too much to update so a pic will do.

The plants in the back row got the shilajit. The others got the seedling doses of their respective nute


3 days after the first application. Plants looking good. They will get plain PH water tomorrow. They will get a transplant and moved to a veg room on the 18th. This completes week 1 of veg.

I took individuals of the shilajit plants. We’ve all seen plants grown with the other nutes. When they r bigger and there’s something more to see I will take more in depth pics.


Ok so here we r so far. Yesterday they got a drink of ph 6.5 water. They have had no other feed since the first application. They will b fed Thursday again.

Remember. The plants in the back row r the shilajit plants.

Then there’s the baby getting my tea.
Here she is.

Looks like the shilajit is a bit behind at the moment. Plants were supposed to b transplanted a few days ago but I’m still waiting on my fabric pots to arrive. I want to transplant all at the same time.

Stay tuned.


They’ve gotten their 2nd dose of shilajit today. This is how they looked prior to watering.

They had to b moved out of the tent Bc the one I suspect is probably a male was hitting the light. So they have moved into the veg room. If my fabric pots ever get delivered they will b transplanted.

Shilajit (left) vs. Advanced Nutrients

Shilajit (left) vs. roots organics

Shilajit vs. NFTG (Suspected male)

The shilajit plants look to b far behind some nutes and equal to one other. We’ll see how they differ, if at all, with a transplant.

This is their new home


Elongated, To call it lightly, They’re looking nice though


This next room is where they will bush out. They should have been moved a week or more ago but my fabric pots still aren’t here. These pots and the seedling lights will have them stretch. It will correct in this next room. As soon as I get them transplanted.

The very tall one I think is just male.


Nice popcorn cups by the way,


Lol thanks. They are the jumbo 1 gallon size. Drill a few holes for drainage and they work perfect.