Should I read while high

So a topic that has been done, discussed and digged into before. But what is your take on reading while high. I am asking myself well when am I not high!

I have always enjoyed reading but the last couple years I have spent more time reading online than a good old book. One memory of reading while high was when I reread Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was a student, it helped me lose myself in the story and focus on the world of fantasy.

I find now that when I read while high, I lose my train of thought, forget sentences or even the paragraph or the chapter. Writing while high is different. It really does help me focus, beat procrastination and get the words flowing.

What is your experience?


Yes with peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil on a cotton cloth in small cup. Or you can take a few rips of a good sativa strain with the lest amount of CBD, cbn,and cbn.

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Going on day 5 no sleep zero. You can tell by the page that gives your stats

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The same I’m a person who wants to be able to answer/ know whatever it is that has grabbed me. Like your reading if I get an oreo I’ll open up one of the sides of my tent and get lost watching the leaves blowing. I was hoping that this site was the best to learn about what you don’t know about the industry. Ive asked 2 questions and no replies. Not one person knows the right answer. On the side I do marketing for the people see me on Google Maps ,Yeild, and they pay me to do what I do and it’s basically putting a company on the site’s with the info I put in. I broke 1.7M on it. And you?

As far experience I just got hacked on this site wtf and I have a 3 point passing, fingerprint, facial, and voice… No sleep for me 156 password I’m being asked to change. This site may not have a 528 encryption system. I may be back have to call me brother in Germany fighting cyberterrorism. I’m going to see if he and one of his colleagues that work on his post to help tag team why I change all PW When it rains it pours I guess.

@bryankp, that is alot to digest. You dont need to followup with new posts every few minutes. We also like to stick to topic of dicussion.

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Hi @chrisj!

The same to me: can’t read while high, i forget what it was about… have to re-read the same page over and over, too stressing.

Something similar happens to me with movies: Once, I went to the mall with a friend to see a 3D movie. We smoked a joint in the car and went inside. Glasses on and the movie started. The SONY logo in 3D with the surround sound jumped from the screen… was awesome!!! Explosions, music, colors… A couple of days later, I told a friend about the experience and she asked "What was the movie? And I had completely forgotten about the movie! No idea what it was! She told me “Well… could be this or that?” And yes! Was it, but no memories in my head about the history or the images, only feelings, colors, sounds… I called to my partner and made the same question, he was also “Duh?”. The movie was Pixels (Pixels (2015) - IMDb). I had to buy the DVD to remember it and still is one of my favorites movies to whatch while stoned.

Greetings from Ecuador!


Thats good weed for ya! Lol

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Reading while high! Why not? For the last 30+ years, I’ve worked as a paralegal specializing in criminal appeals and post-conviction remedies. I’m guessing that about 80% of my work involves reading. I really enjoy it and I have had an unusually high success rate. I’ve helped well over a hundred prisoners obtain their release from incarceration. It’s a great feeling knowing I’ve helped them reunite with their family, friends and loved ones sooner than they expected.

I really love it when judges, lawyers and other legal scholars praise my legal writings (motions, petitions, applications and appeal briefs). There has been numerous occasions where I really wanted to respond to their compliments and let ‘em know how high I was while I was writing. It’s almost like I feel obligated to tell them they should try it— they likely do already.

I’m not alone. I know numerous attorneys who love Blue Dream and swear it helps them concentrate and get creative. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to read transcripts or litigate without smoking. It works great for me and my clients…
The Paralegal That Rides


Depends on your goal…if you’re studying for your medical mid terms then NO…lol. But if you’re reading to escape and you don’t mind where your mind travels while reading the same paragraph over and over then YES…lol


I can’t read while high on a device / pc at all. but a real paper hardback I can get high asf and read 20 chapters and retain it all and enjoy the heightened imagery that. The author paints especially Stephen king


I love reading while high @chrisj. But I can’t be too high or I notice I have to reread things. Also I like to smoke a good sativa too really enjoy my reading, but being mindful of my dosing. I completely agree with @mouse935 about the paperback version of reading. It is alot easier for me than staring at a screen of artificial light.


@chrisj Leader

The last trilogy I read was Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, which was in 1964, in those days I was straight. Shortly thereafter I learned the benefits of marijuana, but even then when I read I was mostly straight, if for nothing else, I could not afford to smoke too often, back in the 60’s a half ounce bag cost 25 bucks. I could fill my tank with gas twice for that kind of money. That trend of only smoking when it was affordable or available continued up until 5 years ago, that is when I retired and all hell broke loose; I started growing my own smoke.

That first crop was harvested in the fall of 2015, I can’t say I’ve been stoned all along, but hardly a day has gone by that I haven’t toked a few joints.

My reading nowadays is usually from the internet, so much to learn there. I don’t find myself losing any though pattern or recollection while reading, but hate to be interrupted. Relaying my intent in writing seems to flow easier while being high, though I have a tendency to repeat myself. Always good to proof read.


Reading while high on cannabis… of course…fiction is my favorite high… educational reads I like doing on night shifts at work as I have to be straight… my direct reports lives matter and are my responsibility while at work if something goes seriously wrong…so never high at work…LSD or DMT not a chance or mushrooms…


If I don’t know the answer or some one that does then I stay out of it…I mean I am a king of bullshit if you want to hear that…

Now that is something interesting, and is the opposite to what cannabis and dreams do! When you stop the herb for a couple days eventually your dreams come back and more vividly with colour.

" Smoking weed becomes a major buzzkill for dreams in a couple of ways. “Cannabis is an extremely effective tool to combat insomnia, both falling asleep and staying asleep,” says Andrew Kuebbing and Felicia Carbajal of My Health Freedom, a cannabis advocacy group in California. Studies have shown that pot decreases sleep latency, the time it takes to actually get to sleep, and promotes SWS." Source

@1bikerparalegal, love your story. On top of your profession and excelling. A mate of mine lives in Dallas, Texas now and grew up on weed in the legal begal industry. He was an indoor grower for years in the UK and still blames me for his “addiction” to weed that started in the 90’s. The quitter is totally clean now. The funny thing is he said I got him involved and he actually got me more interested in the cannabis industry. Well one thing is for sure is you have to enjoy reading if you are in the legal industry.

That trend of only smoking when it was affordable or available continued up until 5 years ago, that is when I retired and all hell broke loose; I started growing my own smoke. @garybo, thanks for the laugh. If you think smoking weed is addictive, try growing it. Glad you working hard in the garden during your retirement years. Good growing.

@paulcoyote I am deep in the rabbit hole researching about writers who smoked pot. I thought of you when reading this:

“After a dozen experiments, we gave up forever this intoxicating drug, not that it hurt us physically, but the true writer needs only his natural dreams, and he does not like his thought to be influenced by any agent.” Written by Théophile Gautier, who was a member of the Club Des Hashishins.


I smoked heavily through my 20s I can’t remember much at all it’s like I lost 10yrs of my life :pensive: pots not all it’s cracked up to be yeh it’s fun but it’s not real fun if yah can’t remember shit

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I kept a journal for three years called the “Memoirs of a Hopped Up Squirrel” they were thoughts and ramblings of 3 years in my deepest part of methamphetamine addiction…I kept it on a computer that when the wife and I split up she deleted everything on my computer… burnt my ID… my discharge papers from a bankruptcy… everything…lol… I wish I had it… it had some very messed up writings but people that read it said they loved…it was almost 250 pages…that was my tweak…lol…

I do cannabis more pain, anxiety, when thoughts of killing a person who pissed me off enter my mind and sleep etc… I really very rarely smoke it to get high…