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Show us your piece!


Do you own a super cool piece of smoking/vaping gear that you want to show off? Post those pics here!


This is one of my favorite pieces. I’ve had it for over a decade but didn’t figure out the ‘right’ way to smoke out of it until about 3 years ago… It’s hard to make out in this picture, but the stem in the bottom chamber has slits in the bottom part; you’re supposed to hold it so that the normally horizontal stem is closer to a 45 degree angle… that way, any large ash the falls through, won’t be pulled all the way into the chamber (go to the sink and blow out the water when the ash goes in).

If you’ve seen the Magicians show, there’s an episode that has a very similar pipe (but they don’t use it the ‘right’ way’)… I couldn’t remember which episode though.


Nice piece! It looks like a tabletop chemistry set! Very cool!

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Bong rips in the garden are better with my favorite Roor. This one is over a decade old and has been repaired once and she’s still pullin’ strong!



:exploding_head: Gotta love those Roor bongs. Is that a triple thick? I love the weight of those ones… I keep mine on a shelf for safe keeping (got mine about 20 years ago), but I think I’ll need to pull it down.

Ever get a chance to pack that bad boy with fresh snow instead of water? That’s my absolute favorite way to enjoy a bowl :slight_smile: … take out the stem, lightly pack to about an inch from the top, put the stem back in… The first few toke is the best til you repack the snow :slight_smile:


It is! I also keep my Roors shelved most of the time to prevent accidental breakage but sometimes they need to get (and give) some :green_heart:!

Even living in sunny AZ, occasionally I get an opportunity to fill my bong full of snow and yes, this is my favorite snow bong :grinning:

Super smooth, icy cool hits. As a fun trick, have you ever attached an enail to your Roor and taken some icy cool snow dabs? They’ll wreck you and make you feel good at the same time!


Wow, That is sweeeeet. Wow.


I wish brother, I would show it off. I got rolling papers, haha.


Nothing fancy. A 12" glass beaker bong with a stem perk, a 4-armed perc chamber, and an ice shelf. It’s a great piece.


Cool piece and a VERY cool pic! Thanks for sharing!


But recently on a trip left with no device had to use stoner ingenuity. These were the results


That’s the only pic I have of my “dabbing station.” Heh.

Other than that, I either use my Pax 3 or your basic glass pipe (of which I only own one).


I love your dabbing station…and the shelves next to it.

You like that press? Been thinking of buying one, and I think that’s one of the ones I have bookmarked.


Yeah it’s pretty bullet proof and simple to use. For my purposes it’s just enough press. It’s pretty heavy, so not very movable, but can be moved if needed.