Sky god training Shmodyshmott

Hash passion

Afghan blue berry kush
whiye runts galactic God cross

SkySky god @PreyBird1

My personal wait till I can show off the other one

@Slym3r @scotty17 @lacombe82 @MrBlue @bullfrog420 @chefjonnyg @bobette @mj1 @chrisj @daurwid @dan10

Can somebody say holly lights hahah
@CaliforniaLightworks Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights - California LightWorks
#CED clinics , #growinginside&out


Holly lights, there I said it. Great growing.


What a beautiful looking family.


The first pic is jus reflecting so much it’s like heaven is in my grow tent jus blinded by the light


Your supposed to be in the skygod group with us shmot. .

The threads are set up so we can make group decisions and learn from each other.

Well man I jus create my own stuff not saying u guys arnt worth it Kuz I love all of u guys and girls skill we do have that for sure , and I talk to all the guys who I have noticed the same talent in so it’s kinda like I’m there any ways I learn how to join it

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Jus been focusd on geting the canabis commission to answer me they have been dicking me around I have to be my son’s gaudian every day unless I have dr appointments , consultation appointments , or have possible customers for my new buissness I am trying to get to take off and will be anounceing the name and logo very soon

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I know. You are always very busy. I wasnt trying to be pushy or telling you what to do yo. You do you.