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Skygod - Group grow - from preybirdfarms

Are you growing in soil or Coco/ProMix?

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Just straight organic soil

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Oh ok. I grow in ProMix, so it’s a little different. I would feed water only for a couple days and see how she reacts. Go back to nutes if she starts getting pale though.


I use promix also. But i like coco also. Sometimes i do both coco and promix side by side at the same time. @mudman do you amend your promix? What nutrients line do you like?

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I haven’t tried amending yet, but I snagged a super coco recipe off IG the other day to try out at some point. I’ve been using Jacks321 for a few months now. It’s cheap and easy and seems to work.


I figure if it’s good enough for Daz, it should be plenty good enough for me.