Stealth perpetual grow

Gday fellas, and m’ladies. I grow weed, you grow weed, we all grow weed and thats why we are here. Ive recently started listening to old mates podcast and its good, ive learned some stuff and had ive had some of my own theories validated and some of them shot to pieces. I work in horticulte and have always had a passion for growing, ive built all sort of gardens, cottage gardens, tropical, formal, cactus gardens etc. Ive also had mutliple 5k+ bonsai trees over the past 20 years including black pines, junipers, port jackson figs, swamp cypress etc. I have a lot of indoor house plants, some would say i have too many but those people are wrong and deserve a swift kick up the ass.

So i have a little stealth indoor perpetual grow. Veg tent is 50cm x 90cms and flower is 60x120 or for you degenerates that insist on using the imperial system thats a 2x4 foot tent.

Being a perpetual grow ive always got plants in different stages. Currently im about a week or so from harvesting some blue gelato 41 and then some gorillaz zskittlez will be next.

Flower tent: sp3000, autopots with airstones, gh 3 part plus some extra microbes, silica, calmag. Co2 comes from me.being a sweaty nerd… the lung room is also my gaming room and im a sweaty little nerd so i get that co2 up to 1500 before ive even warmed up my wrists. And when im not gaming ill burn a couple tealight candles in the room which will get around 800ppm which is better then any mushroom bags ive tried. When i upgrade to a 4x4 ill do a proper co2 setup with bottled co2 but for now my stinky breath will do the job.

I train my plants hard, i abuse them, i call them useless cunts while flipping them the bird, i make them watch videos of weed plants being harvested… and they love me for it. But seriously, weed is the most hardy plant on the planet and it loves the abuse. I mainline my plants and when i do it split the stems so they are easier to work with, it does not hurt the plant… i actually wouldnt be surpised if its possible to split a stem the whole way to the roots and end up with two seperate plants, ill try it next time i take cuttings. When i mainline for a 2x4 ill either run two plants both 16 colas, or ill run three plants that have 8 each. I never end up using all the branches, every time you trim youll end up with a weak branch, that beta branch gets the axe. I scrog with a wire scrog, i want my branches to stay put. I use bonsai wire to make any minor adjustments in order to create a flat canopy, bonsai wire is the best for this job i know youve been using garden ties or something but thats only because youve never had bonsai wire, get some, its super.handy just to have around the house and one roll will literally last a life time because you can straighten it out and keep on using it.


Just realised i dont have any pics of the veg tent so ill grab some later.


I was meant to post in the grow journal section but ive posted in the wrong place. Any chance thenpost can be moved?? If not ill just copy and paste it later.


What a lovely leveled canopy and nice thick colas. Good job. You do what i do, absolutely put the plants through hell and (show them hangings and murders) if they dont perk their skirts up haha


Thanks mate i apprecate it. Im of the opinion that so long as they are healthy you can punish them and theyll come back stronger, like a muscle, it needs to be torn in order to grow bigger.

8 weeks today. Still got a while to go


Fixed it for ya. Your in journals now. Looking great!


hey @thundercock

Great grow journal and looking good there.


Thanks for that.

This blue gelato is my favorite stealth strain so far, it yields but its not stinky, it does have some smell like all weed but if i was to rate it out of 10 for stank id give it a 3, nice smell but not a smell that will fill the whole house when you open the tent for a peek.

First plant doesnt look fully mature, the second plant does look like it could be finished any day but trichs say no


Looks amazing guy


I like the stealthy part. What do you do about the smell?


The guy who has the smell problem figured out is @PreyBird1. He’s got all kinds of stuff going on that department. :+1:t3::v:t3:


those green trees they would hang from rear view mirrors? :slight_smile:


@PreyBird1 tell us how you take carr of smell with 8 tents


Ozone Machine in the vents lol


Ok guys heres how i handle the smells.

In my giant tent room i have the following way of filtering.

  1. Carbon filter inside the tent. Each tent!
  2. Ozone generator after the carbon filter inside the tent.
  3. Then i merge all the air streams into one.
  4. I then pass it through a series of 2 more carbon filters and then a big ass oz9ne generator to which i shoot 25 feet up to the roof and out a chiminey.

Smaller tents alway go carbon filter and then ozone generators in the air stream before diacharge outside. The trick is the air speed to zone generation to smell and relation of all 3 and they affect the air scrubbing ability of the ozone generation. But you still have to be able to shove out all that air. So every one of my tants have big 6" fans and vents.

Here is a peek!


Heres my thread on how i do it. Ill add my filter setup also.


Oh wow you have proper smell, that is impressive.

For smell i run an ac infinity t6 with a 6in phresh carbon filter. It works perfectly, zero smell. So long as you have negative pressure and you arent running the exhaust fan faster then the filter can filter then there shouldnt be any smell.

I also have a sealed lung room but thats not for smell, that is because of humidity. And on top of that ill burn incense and ive got this little smelly thing thing that sprays every 30 minutes, i also have a lot of plants in my apartment and on my.balcony that flower so they have an aroma.

If i have the landlord or someone coming over i will turn my fans down to the lowest setting, turn the light down but not off, turn off the air pump and ill turn on the air con in the lung room to create noise to drown out the sound of the exhaust fan.


Harvesting this friday.

Definitely going to keep a mother of the plant on the right. The other one would be a good cash crop but im not really a fan of the giant loose buds, i like em tight


Didnt get any pics whilst harvesting because the place stank and i needed to be quick. The tops and the bottoms are almost identical, there was maybe 2 grams of larf that i threw out and everything else is quality.

I ended up with more then expected and my drying rack wasnt big enough so im going to try this fridge drying technique. So far its working perfectly. I ended up with around 20 or so of these paper bags, did a wet trim and ill clean up any missed leaves when they are dry which is probably going to take around 10 days, then cure for however long it takes me smoke through my current supply

Putting 2 gorilla skittlez in the flower tent today, they are lanky cunts so its going to take some work to get them down to a managable height but if i have to bust out the hedge trimmer ill do it. Will add some pics later


I also have a sealed lung room but thats not for smell, that is because of humidity. And on top of that ill burn incense and ive got this little smelly thing thing that sprays every 30 minutes, i also have a lot of plants in my apartment and on my.balcony that flower so they have an aroma.


They do look great @thundercock!