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Storage of flower for extraction

I am curious what is the longest you have stored flower/trim/etc before you make extraction, and what did yo find was the best method to store?


Good morning @suehiko, you may find this thread to be of interest on nitrogen purging!

I’ll tag in our @growopowners and @ProcessorOwners as well!

You also might find the desiccant packs from @Integra to be useful depending on the type of long-term storage selected. In fact, if you want they are running a promotion to try them out (and it’s free!)


Thank you!


I have stored very dry ground material in air tight bins for about a year
with a 1% loss in potency during that time.


Hi @suehiko,

We have had several customers successfully store flower/trim for over a year using Boveda’s 2-way humidity control packs. We have a variety of sizes and RH levels to fit your needs. DM me or e-mail [email protected] and we’ll get you set up!



Oxygen is the worst enemy for preserving. If the eventual goal is to extract it, the removal of water via freeze-drying (and oxygen-free packaging) would extend it’s shelf life to forever.

Removing the water makes a cleaner extraction, as it’s harder for polar contaminants (chlorophyll and soluble fertilizers) to mobilize and contaminate your solvents or extracts. In toll processing scenarios, the removal of all moisture will cut your expenses, as they usually charge by weight, not volume.