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Tammys grow journal

Your plant looks amazing! :+1:
I’m growing Glue Sniffer right now. I hope mine comes out as nice as yours!
:v:. :green_heart:. :+1:.


Smells so good. Too green to really smoke right now. Needs to cure.


Let me know how it is! :+1:. How long ago did you start the glue sniffer? Seems like forever ago. :v:. :green_heart:. :+1:.

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@chavez78 o started on July 21
I thought it was a auto but after few weeks no sex was seen on plant so I grew it like a photo


I remember you… Well hello good looking. It’s been so long glue sniffer. It’s nice to see you too Tams…lol lots of peepz took some holidays time off lately. So watcha got cooking for the new round coming up… I have a couple White Caviar from Prey this go. You had some of his didn’t ya? Anywhoozers that was crazy the time gap with the auto water system… good things … Good ppl :+1:


Hey @LoCoRocK ! I think I am going to grow the seeds I pollinated and also seroquel.