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Terpenes - and all things under this subject

We’re learning more and more about Terpenes and how important and unique they are. This topic is about understanding what terpenes are, identifying the different major and minor terpene groups and the benefits of each. Anything and everything Terpene.


Last night Green Flower media had a live event where one of the Owner/Founders of SC Labs (California) Joshua Wurzer talked about what actually makes a strain different and unique. The differences are mainly quantified by the Terpene Profiles not the THC and CBD percentages. There was some fantastic information in the interview. The Live event was free, but to replay the event you unfortunately have to join their insider club ($18/month).

Here’s a link if you want to join and see the interview.

Another very interesting person of interest is Max Montrose of Colorado’s Trichome Institute.
Here’s a link to a video with Max that’s incredibly interesting and very much about Terpenes and how they work.

I’m personally interested in terpene profiles of known strains, and I’d be very interested to get my hands on testing lab profiles from each strain. Leafly started to do this with what they call their strain fingerprint. Here’s an example;

Unfortunately they created a bunch of these and then just seemed to stop doing it, or at least stopped sharing them.



Have any growers out there have information about terpene testing of their products? Have you seen a difference in terpene quantities on identical strains using different manufacturer lamps, different lighting setups HPS vs HPS+MH vs LED?

Did you know that there were over 900 marijuana samples entered in the 2016 Emerald Cup? The top 20 flowers all had similar thc and cbd levels as the rest of the entries, what separated them from the rest of the competition were the Terpene levels. The top 20 flower entries all had a much higher terpene concentration by percentage than the same strains from other growers. Terpenes are also the power behind what was termed the Entourage Effect. It’s the terpenes that are behind the couch lock effect, appetite increase or decrease, and other effects. A common misperception is that Indicas are the reason you get a body high and Sativas a head high. In actuality it’s the terpene content that determines the effect and intensity of this effect.


I’d also touch on the fact that the cannabis industry isn’t the only one interested in terpenes either – the wine industry cares a great deal as well, as terpenes play a large role in the smell and taste of wine.


The dispensary that I go to lists the terpene profiles on a tablet beneath each flower in their display:

Here’s an example of one of their listings:

Do you test the terpene profiles of your strains and offer that to customers as part of the purchasing process?


Thats a nice format.Testing for10 terpenes is pretty good. Thanks for sharing @nicholas . I wish there was a big library of all the terpene and potency test results. It would be cool to look through and see what makes some strains stand out like the OG Kush and other more exotic strains.

Btw @nicholas…i hope you followed the directions and cleared your agenda for that Lupe Shine. There’s a fair amount of myrcene so its gonna be couchy. :laughing:


That was just an image I grabbed of their website, I didn’t actually buy any of the Lupe Shine :slight_smile: I need to bring your cheat sheet with me next time so I can look up which terpenes do what for my next purchase.


Nothing against Lupe Shine, but the name doesn’t inspire me. Not sure what the meaning behind it is. More effort needs to go into strain names in my opinion. It’s a marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Take for instance Cat Piss. I’d have to be drunk AND stoned to find that strain attractive. On the other hand some names like Scapegoats “Goat Bananas” makes me want to give it a test. Another one I like is “Imperial Star Destroyer” by Andromeda. I’d love to do a Star Wars marathon and smoke an Imperial Star Destroyer. That sounds like a good weekend IMO.


[quote=“garymorgan, post:10, topic:666, full:true”]
Nothing against Lupe Shine, but the name doesn’t inspire me. Not sure what the meaning behind it is.[/quote]

My guess is that it’s some kind of werewolf reference.

100% agreed. If you want to get a new market for your strain, you need a name that is appealing to both new users and regulars alike. For example, Wedding Cake is a great name! Describes exactly what people think it tastes like, and it just sounds good.



Agreed the names don’t generally give you much of an idea of what the strain does and at best they reflect the flavors, such as Wedding Cake. For someone who isn’t immersed in the culture and going to a dispensary for the first time, it can be confusing.

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I had trouble sleeping last night and was actually pondering this very thing. I was thinking in my half awake/half asleep state of mind that I should develop some strains with simple names that tell all… for instance;

Major Munchies/ Circle the Refrigerator
Social Butterfly
Space Cadet
Stare at Nature
WPO (Warning Professionals Only)
Music Time/Movie Time
Numb (High %CBD/Low %THC)
Numb and Dumb (Mid % CBD/Mid % THC)
Number and Dumber (HIgh % CBD/High % THC)

etc… Could be a hit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you’re on to something!

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I actually really like some of those names – Major Munchies is one of my favorites on that list. You could totally do an army-themed strain chain:

Space Cadet
Private Time
Major Munchies
Captain Crunch (ok, maybe avoid the copyright infringement)
Sergeant Space-Out
Lieutenant Enlightment
General Relativity


I don’t know about you guys… but I haven’t found any weed that tasted like wedding cake yet…

I can catch the different smells and it’s more of hint’s of particular smells like mint or lemon… but I’ve never tried any “Lemon” or “Blueberry” and after smoking a little saying…“Damn! That tasted like lemons or blueberries”.

To me it always tastes like I smoked a pine tree. I’m no expert smoker though. I’ve smoked about 30 times total in my life. Tell me if I’m wrong…maybe I’m not using the right method. Maybe I need to vape it or use a bong…

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Haha! I like the Private Time :slight_smile:


Maybe you just need to smoke some good weed…sorry man, but our Blueberry tastes just like Blueberry, and our Guava Chem, tastes just like guava…

Not sure what you guys are smoking or what your experience is, but Cat Piss smells like Cat Piss - that is where it gets its name, and it is really good. Wedding Cake typically has a lot of pastels in the bud and can have a sweet taste.
We give terpene profiles for all our strains when we sell them to the stores.
But you guys need to remember that the Terpene profile changes on a strain depending on how you grow, when you harvest and the phenotype.
Typcially strain names have to do with the lineage…if you come up with a new stable hybrid, you can name it anything you want… But experienced smokers want the name to have some reference…


and if you don’t think we know what we are doing