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Testing Preybirds’ Runtz x Slapz Gals

I have six @preybird1 Preybird Farms Runtz x Slapz feminized seeds started for a test. Sunday, they were put in water for about eight hours, then Root Riot plugs, in a 10x20 Super Sprouter tray/dome with a diluted Clonex solution in the bottom of the tray. They are under a T5 fluorescent and an inexpensive Famurs 1000w LED at about 40% power for 18/6 period. (I have a germinating/cloning area set in one of my tents.) These will stay under this lighting situation for a week, then have an HLG 100 veg spec swapped with the current LED.

White ‘popped’ in less than a full day and this is how they are as of midday Wednesday.

They are on a heat mat set to 80° F. (The empty 10x20 has some rosin I am warm curing inside it)

Growing journals have been set for them all so everything done can be noted.


Yeah most of my seeds are sprouted in 18hrs. And these are an unreleased. @wow_arizona is doing a test Run for me. :pray:


Going to definitely have to stay tuned for this!


Wait is this technically a backcross? Slapz is grease monkey x Runtz?


Its a S1 yes. I made 2x S1 strains and 6 Femmanized.


One week from POP, here they are, transferred to 4.5”x4.5”x6” pots (transplanted yesterday, using mycobliss©, organic mycorrhizal powder).

Usually, I make a mix of FF Ocean Forest, coco, perlite, worm castings, and FF General Purpose Organic Fertilizer for inside growing. For testing purposes and so others can replicate this with @preybird1 Preybird Farms Seeds when they are available, they were transferred to FF Ocean Forest only. In one week, I will add worm castings to them.

They are in a 2.5’x5’x6’ tent with two HLG 100 4K * overhead and four Sunblaster T5 with Nanoreflector lights on the ends/back perimeter (with an additional T5 directly overhead for the next week). Preybird’s Runtz/Slapz are on the left end, blueberry clones and two other experiments fill the rest of the area.

    • right now, one HLG and one Famurs 1000, second HLG arrives Wednesday.

Oooohhhhh!!! Very very nice!!! Im going to be dropping some @preybird1 genetics in about a month. Im tagging along for this grow for sure!!


Yes looking good! see i told you they dont need to soak them. Man im almost jealous i havent popped that many. I got a single test plant going but its growing well and it’s already flowering :+1:
I got a short cut for this step so yep. Hoping to sample it. Because i love the Runtz. But this Slapz is really awesome also. But is Slapz = Runtz x Greasemonkey.
And Runtz = gelato F33 x zkittles. So were gonna have a Runtz x Runtz x greasemonkey cross and thats just damn interesting because i have both buds Right now and there both kick ass strains.


15 days since they popped, it looks like after another set of leaves and they will officially be in a veg state. My bigger 5tent will be harvested in a day or two and the larger plants filling the space with the testers will be moved into there. Then these six will be spread across the 2.5tent and the lights adjusted accordingly. As soon as I see some roots coming out of the bottoms of these containers , they will be transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots.


Three weeks since they were put into a root plug. Today, they got a little more breathing room. The roots are just starting to show out of the bottom of a little pots, they will be transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots within a week.


Lookin good in Az :v:t2::sunglasses::v:t2:


Thank you!


Yesterday, I noticed some yellowing of some leaves. I thought, “that’s kind of strange, it looks like the plant is already pot bound.“ I picked it up and turned it over, Little white roots poking out of all the orifices.17 days since they were put into these 4.5”x4.5”x6” pots and they’re already bound. Today they all got transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots.


New light coming this week! Right now, they’re under two HLG 100 (4K), a Famurs 1000 and four Sunblaster T5 with Nanoreflector. Also, the four home-hybrid clones in the square pots, as well as the blueberry mother (center) will be moved to a different tent with the aforementioned lights going into the 3TENT. An HLG 350R Diablo will be replacing all in the 2.5 tent and illuminating the Runtz/Slapz until the finish.

After about a week under the new light, the Runtz/Slapz will then be transplanted to seven gallon fabric pots, from the current three gallon, that will take them through flower. I leave some space at the top to be able to top dress part way though the flowering process.


Keep an eye on that yellow just a tip the runtz side of that cross is a heavy feeder. Every Runtz is thirsty and the original mother could handle up to 1600-1800ppms without using any co2. I loved the runtz for it’s resilience. Its Purple colors crazy frosted buds and if you have seeds there usually big fat seeds. Im very happy with the strain. And im smoking some right now. This Fresh batch is delicious. I tell ya what i cant wait to try my new creation. Slapz x Runtz


Here is the clone of it the new baby mother.

I did have a deficiency. I forgot to feed it and gave it water only because i was in a hurry. Its was stupid. Because these ladies usually eat everyday so she skipped food for a couple days. But were back on track. And i dont acclimate plants much from the clone dome i usually just move them over and let them deal with it.


That looks bangin!!!


Moved the four clones and mother out of the 2.5tent, just the Runtz x Slapz, now. When the new light gets here, the HLG 100V2s and the T5 s will move.

They will get some defoliating love his week.


Those are doing well my friend and there looking like there in turbo mode!


They are in turbo mode!