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Testing Preybirds’ Runtz x Slapz Gals

New light in the 2.5tent with the Runtz x Slapz.

HLG100’s and T5s now in veg 3tent with some some clones and a mother.


All got moved into 7 gallon pots. Can you tell which were transplanted and defoliated last night, versus the ones that were done today?

Tomorrow, the frame for the net will be put into place. The netting will go in Tuesday and they should be flipped to flower by Thursday.


Going to Flower Mode!

The new light has just made these things jump! The scrog got installed and a lot of defoliation was done. A couple of clones might have to be taken from some of the lower branches that might prove to be more work than result.

Changed lights to 12/12 today.

@preybird, NOW the test begins. I hope the feminizing worked!


Some AMAZING branch structure on those girls. I have faith in Preys breeding stability. Looking awesome!