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The 2020’s Round Journal📔 #1

Strain: Original (Same as what the mother’s strain labeled)
Media: The Previous Fixed Outdoor Dirt + The Previous Putting Substrate
pH: 5.5
Germination Date: April 17, 2020
Sprout Date: April 23, 2020

Note: :one: The germination was by directly in the media method.
:two: I think but not a hundred percent sure about that, the Seed’s “Testa” should be close to the “Radical” as a first nourishment for the baby when its hatched, before or may with the cotyledon’s nourishment for the seedling at the same time.


If you want more information, its already on the last round journal📓 via the link below,

:pushpin: Feel free to correct me.


Don’t forget that @kapouic, @docdre, @rickles, @justgrowin @preybird1 @Ladithief, @docee, @devjyarn, @deusoboy420, @missiles, @dollhouz, @that_one_guy, @eldindupljak, @zeus, @oldguy, @Packee, @growyourowndope, @imSICKkid, @tdubwilly, @pomeroymc, @matthewearl, and you all cultivators, as I noticed. But if you already knew that, that’s fine.


Nice to know thankyou.


April 17, 2020’s update.
I mixed some of the previous plant’s stalks with the media and the mail taproot.

I also mixed the media with that organic ground mixture, which contains by the dried banana peels, wild hens eggshells, peanuts shells, dried fig fruits, dried fig tree’s leaves, dried kiwi peels, dried lemon peels, hazelnuts shells, dried potatoes peels, dried berry leaves, dried galangal roots, neem tree’s leaves, and some of cuttlebones powder.


I’ll clean the room once my hand get well, because I hurt myself by the knife when I cut one of the lime.


Dear Out/indoors plants cultivators, consumers, and venders,

Please don’t misunderstand me and think as you like on me, if I been late to watch your posts, whether if its are messages, pictures, videos, or etc., to give you my like :+1:t2:, because I’ll be focusing on CANNABIS 101 course again, during my new round.

So whether you believe that I love you all or not it’s up to you, as long as we all are not out or far from Botany, Plants Cultivation, or anything that is belong to those.

Note: I recommend you to grows & consumes the “Pure Cannabis Plants” by correct “Organic Nourishment”.

Keep growing, studying in an honest manner, and stay safe & healthy.

White smile to you all, because I heat the yellow one.

Have a wonderful green unlimited life to you all,


Jah bless mon!! We are here


Consume: To eat or drink up; devour.
And smoke as I believe.


April 26, 2020’s update.
• Nearly three (4) days old now.
• One of the cotyledons looking sad, since when its formed at the beginning, as you could notice!!.


May 2, 2020’s update.
Week: 2
Day: 10 On the seedling state.

Please correct me if I calculated the age wrong.

If you want to take some pictures with details from your plants portions, you could use the magnification of 40x-100x, Just near your smart phone’s lens with the loupe lens both together, and let us see what your plants got at or on their portions.

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There was a mistake on my iPhone’s calendar. That update was in the 26th of May and wasn’t in the 25th of May.

There wasn’t cleaning in April 26, 2020, because there wasn’t availability of some of cleaning needs. And probably no cleaning will be in April 27, 2020 too, because I still awake nearly more than 24hrs, but fortunately I prepared some of important preparations during that period of time.

  • one of those important preparations was germination some of seeds by the “Cup Of Water’s method”.

April 29, 2020’s update.
There wasn’t cleaning, because the time been spent for preparing some food, and reading some information in one of The Cannabis 101 Guidances.

The electricity has been cut off in May 1, 2020 AM, which made the seedlings been absent for about forty (40) minutes and nearly a little bit more than that.

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To late to share the link below, but I hope everyone enjoy and have fun when you watchin it,


When the Botanists and Experts say “It Is So Important” it is really means (It Is So Important). Don’t read or hear that just for fun or to attracts others by the scientific sentences that you memorized, and you actually don’t really care or not focusing on what they are exactly focused/ing and referred/ing on.

Please read what they wrote precisely, “it is so important to monitor precisely what you are feeding your plants, you absolutely need to know what is in your water, regardless of the type that you choose.”

So don’t give your plants anything that you are not really sure, or not asked the :point_right:t2:Trustworthy Botanists or Experts about it. And what I meant by anything, that substances which let you behaves or think unnaturally, which causes misunderstanding on The Cannabis Real Remedy & Effects to the others people. Additionally, that substances which are causes fading at your face beauty gradually, hair falling, black under your eyes, or etc. So notice / monitor your health, acts, think, look, etc., before you let others consume (eat or smoke) your finest.

Please let others know what is The Pure Cannabis Plants Contains, and how the (Female Plants) could cure the patients of people whether they are nature, organisms, generation, or offsprings, because that is every single “Cannabis Cultivator Responsibility” in the end.

Sorry for the prolonging, and thank, appreciation, and respect with love to you all,


I can’t go through all of these harmful chemicals, but here are 10 you should highly avoid.

  • Parabens. …
  • Synthetic colors. …
  • Fragrance. …
  • Phthalates. …
  • Triclosan. …
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). …
  • Formaldehyde. …
  • Toluene.

More items…

Toxins . Another factor affecting the thyroid is the many toxins parasites spew out into your body. They may be residing in the digestive tract, far from the thyroid, but their toxins irritate your whole body and can cause hair loss .

  • I think any substance that could breaks the iron in the body down, as I understood.
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@Cannabis_Spirit… If you like Jason Mraz check out jack Johnson :call_me_hand:… One love brother


Any specific song do you prefer me to hear in that album?

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Nope… Just a damn good musician you may like