The end and A new beginning

Hello friends. well. I am almost done with a grow and working towards getting a new one going. I thought I would show the one I am finishing up on here since it has been a while since I have been over here. This is the end of grow 20 for me.

This is a Critical Purple auto. Week 7 of flower

A California Dream photo. Week 6 of flower

Rainbow Road photo. Week 5 of flower

And a California Dream clone. Week 2 of flower

These 4 will be the start of a new grow. I will be dropping 4 more seeds to go with this tent. And then 2 autos for the 4x4 tent

The 3 on the side are just a few I dropped to mess with while this grow finishes up. They are regulars that I have a on of seeds of. They will not be part of the next grow :grin: So, not much interesting for a few weeks at least.


Nice I’ll be hanging around checking it out :v:t2:


This grow coming up should be a fun one. I dropped the first auto today. I may do the other one next week.


That’s the right goal as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile: -
Looking stellar my friend


Thanks, and I have a long way to catch up to how many you are starting :laughing:


after having a terrible time with my first wave of seedlings my replacements number about 25 but that may grow as it always does somehow :slight_smile:


yep. As soon as you have room to start more :laughing:


Oww thee addiction :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:
Gotta love it
such a therapeutic plant


Nice buds brian. Have i yold u guys how much i absolutely hate dry trimming. Figured id give it a go again. Man am i kicking myself in the arse. The worst ever i must say. Lol. Another daybof this and whatever is left may ho in the tradh i will never do this again i will always always always trim off every single fan leaf on the plant prior to wash and dry. Lol. Rant over. Still beautiful buds tho brian. I mean it. Lol.


Thanks JJ. A good reminder for me Mark. I forget if it was in the cc or the lab that a bunch of us did plants with some parts dry trimmed. And other parts wet trimmed. Then had friends try both to see if they could tell any difference. I think it was almost 100% that said every one chose the dry trimmed as best. It seemed like a lot of work from what I remembered. I have time to trim. And thought it may be nice to get a little kief along the way. To bad the water cured stuff doesn’t look as nice. that gives some really hard buds.


Wow! What lights and nutrients do you use?


Hello! Your grow looks fantastic! It’s always exciting to see the progress and variety you have in your setup. The Critical Purple auto and the California Dream strains are particularly impressive. It sounds like you have a well-planned strategy for your next grow, and I’m sure it will be just as successful.

If you’re considering using coco peat for your new grow, I recommend trying a mix with perlite or vermiculite to enhance aeration and water retention. Coco peat is a great medium on its own, but these additions can make a significant difference in plant health and yield.

Best of luck with your new grow! Looking forward to seeing more updates.

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@ArtVandalay I have my DIY 260 in the 4x4 and the HLG 260along with a HLG 135 in the 5’ tent. I have a few other HLG lights that just sit now since I cut back on the size of my grows. I primarily use Jack’s nutes. I tend to use the GH flora trio for the top fed autos. I had just bought new gallon bottles of it. And want to use some up. I am also in coco.
@Mark0427 I need to get in and start trimming hard my self. The 2 in the 5’ tent will be finished pretty soon. :grin:
And you are a growing machine there @ravenchief :grin:
Thanks @jj520
Thanks @greenscienx_sug I normally use pro mix bx for starting seedlings. It works better than coco for me. And for my coco. I mix vermiculite with mine. I found from using the perlite that the roots stick to it. I re use my coco. So it made cleaning it a little more work. :grin: My critical purple is a little different from past grows. Normally it is a little shorter. This one really stretched. A normal yield for that one should be some where between 10 - 13 oz.

This is a normal Cp for me

I dropped another Critical cure CBD for this grow. The other one I dropped didn’t want to go. And that strain is specifically for me. I was going to do a pair of autos in the next grow. But may just do the CC. It depends on what the WW auto wants to do. It is having a rough start lol


Thanks for that information. It looks like the DIY 260 kits are no longer available. Have you compared your current lights to others to determine if your large plant growth is primarily due to the lights?


My DIY was done by a friend of mine. Dbrn32 on ILGM and some of us. Went in on some light panels when we were in the lab over there. I bought the rest of the stuff. And Myfriend410 over there put it together for me. he used to live down the street from me. The lights do make a big difference of some of the cheaper vivosun lights. the newer style. I have friend that uses those. So I gave him the ones I got. I wasn’t happy with how they did compared to these. I know they cost a little more. But I have always done good with them. I run roughly 130w per pant. And feel I am doing ok.
For the price. This is a good deal. I paid more than this for my 260 light.
I see the glitch that this program is in here too. Some times I can tag others and then other times I can’t. @ravenchief also has some good sources for other brand lights. I do know for my self. My autos don’t like fed heavy. That will seem to slow them down. I normally do better with them top feeding. I also seem to run a lot warmer tent temps than others. I like to see temps in the 82 - 86 range. In the high 70s seems to slow things down a bit. Honestly. I think I have just learned to deal with the temp and humidity I have here. I really don’t try to control it to much. Other than to get a bit lower humidity in flower. But even then. I am normally around 62%

I forgot the link :laughing:

My favorite light is my older HLG 320w light. 2700k It will cover my 5x2.5 tent. I would be looking at choosing a light to work with your tent size.
This is my DIY 42" x 12"


Well, I am thinking it may be just one more week before 2 come down. Also, any chance you are still in here @pomeroymc

Ok for this week we have

The Critical Purple auto week 14 and 8 of flower

The California Dream clone week 8 and 3 of flower

The Rainbow road week 13 and 6 of flower

And the California Dream week 14 and 7 of flower

@skyfishbud @Seeddog


Beautiful brian. They look great.


Nice work :+1:t2:


Thanks. The new ones are starting off pretty good. I may let one go that is having a harder time. But it is a photo. So I will give it time :grin:


Whats wrong with the photo plant?? Ur opposite of me i struggle like shit to grow autos and can do photos fine. U do autos great and have issues with photos. Lol. Did u scope the pics of the cic sprayed plants i posted yet. I think its working but teying not to get my hopes up too much more than they r now. Lol.