The Industry’s Finest Cannabis Greenhouses

Growers Supply has been creating the growing and horticultural industry’s best greenhouses for decades under the GrowSpan greenhouse and growing structure line. Over the past few years, Growers Supply has become the leading manufacturer of the best cannabis greenhouse in the marijuana industry. The GrowSpan product line offers a number of energy-efficient structures that can help cannabis producers reduce their monthly costs and help to stabilize business in a constantly changing industry.

The GrowSpan Cannabis Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Innovative & versatile designs
  • Numerous covering options
  • Durable, American-made and long-lasting construction
  • Improved ventilation * Automated light deprivation systems
  • In-house design, financing and installation
  • Structures of any size
  • Extra-tall options
  • Optimal growing environments

Check out this short video of our GrowSpan Blackout System

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How do you think you compare to Nexus and Stuppy?

Why your greenhouse?

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I’m interested to know Ethan question also. I am in the initial planning stages of doing a new greenhouse grow and I am collecting as much info as I can on greenhouses, fans, dehumidifiers, heaters and watering systems. I am going to reach out to Growers Network and all my other contacts to make this dream a reality with the best possible info so I can get it right from the building stages right up through the grow. Any knowledge you can send my way would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance Community for the help. In the future when I get further in the planning I am going to make a thread about people’s choices on amending there own soil mixes and also methods like no till, companion crops, and raised beds.


What are your main concerns for your crop? Have you considered an Agra Tech greenhouse? We are right in your back yard. (Pittsburg CA)


I’ll be doing most of my greenhouse research in the coming weeks starting Monday so I’m looking at all options from all sources. The fun has just begun


Thank you Ethan and Matt for your interest and your questions. Sorry for the delayed response as I was traveling for the holidays.

There is a lot we do at GrowSpan that we believe sets us apart from other companies. I don’t want this to turn into a novel so below is a list which will hopefully give you some good insight on our company and products.

  • With 40 years of operation under our belt, we have a great deal of valuable of experience to draw from.
  • Everyone on our greenhouse team has a background in agriculture, whether it be cannabis or commercial tomato production, and we use our experience to increase production efficiency.
  • We manufacture a variety of structures including very basic cold frames, shade or hardening houses, wintering houses, freestanding greenhouses, gutter-connect greenhouses & Venlo greenhouses.
  • Our Series 1000 and Series 2000 structures are framed from triple galvanized tubular steel & 6063-T5 aluminum, the industry standard in high-quality materials.
  • Our trusses bolt together and can also be factory-bolted in two sections for easier self-install.
  • We offer in-house installation services with a 1-year labor warranty.
  • With every Series 1000 or Series 2000 greenhouse purchase we include a dedicated project manager to assist the customer straight through to substantial completion – This includes self-install projects as well.
  • We are a very large company with two staff centers, including a 35-acre manufacturing campus in Dyersville, Iowa.
  • We manufacture our own screen systems, evaporative cooling wall systems, rolling-top benches and a variety of hydroponic growing systems.
  • Our Iowa headquarters features a fully operational greenhouse where we can effectively test new products. For example, we are currently durability-testing our blackout system which is at over 10 years of simulated run time.
  • We offer in-house engineering services as well as in-house financing options.
  • We have a dedicated, greenhouse-trained customer service department that will help fast track solutions to our end users.

Grow span

Ok you just cut and past the section from your site.

Why you instead of nexus?

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Not cut and pasted. Pick any of the reasons mentioned above.

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I am starting to work on GH bids. I think I have a bid from your company through FarmTek. Is that how I should proceed? Looking for an acre in Sonora ca under plastic/glass.


FarmTek is our parent company and GrowSpan is the commercial greenhouse division. Glad to hear about your project and that we are in talks! You can absolutely continue to work with your current contact but feel free to reach out to me directly for any reason. We are excited about our new Venlo Glass Greenhouse which is a great low cost per square foot option for that size. Here is a 3D rendering for you to check out:


Are you Zach? Zach has been helping me out for years.



I purchased 8 20K sqft operations designed with Nexus to the gnats ass. Over an 10 year period in the 1990’s

Why should I pick you over Nexus or Jim Stuppy’s product?

I have very exacting specifications.

From the voices in my head


Zach Carr is one of our expert Greenhouse Design and Sales Specialists. You are absolutely in good hands with Zach. My name is Matt Sauls and I am the Business Development Manager for GrowSpan.


Ethan, we can absolutely design a greenhouse to meet any specifications. In my experience working with many different companies, I have found that every company has areas where they excel and surpass the competition and areas where another company may hold that status. We do our best to outperform the competition at every opportunity as any company should. That way the customer always wins.

I would rather highlight the benefits of working with us than speak negatively of other companies in a semi-public forum. I would encourage yourself and anyone else to explore multiple options and work with the company that provides the best value and understands you and your mission.


I understand. That is a good answer and since nexus is not hear. I have a topic out on the sight called “pot mum”

Can you design a grow for the group that will give me 100 x 100 square feet in 8 spaces.

I need 12 foot side walls.

80% plus of the space must be for production. Rolling paletized benches.

Hot water heat. Warm roots cool tops.

Concrete floors you can use the floors for heating. But if you do lower the benches to 18 inches above ground.

And on lift able racks. They will be LED I will supply 100% of the light. That is a lot of light.

Also give me the highest R value you can. High wins points.

The covering must be allow zero light transmission

VPD to target 99.95% goal

That is a lot of heating and cooling pick Vancouver area between US and border with in the temprate zone @fdousty. Can you think of any else.

Yes it is a thought excess but if you play you will sell houses.

Think pot mum when designing. Chrysanthemum.

Who do you use for Irragation?

I want a werehouse at the north end.

That is 1/4 or a little more 20% more than a quarter the square footage should be 120 feet long.

Dutch pallet benching.

Get my usable space as close 100%

Movable people gantry system for grower inspection so automate the movement.

You can do it bits and pieces. Please PM me and I will give you detailed contact information.

@Farmer_Dan what do you want in the pot mum example.

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Since I haven’t been training myself in the pot mum version of things, it is outside of the scope of my experiences. I’m the bulk field production guy. :wink:

My opinion: Buy what will last the longest while prices haven’t hit the floor. :man_shrugging:

Additional opinions:
ROI should be 1 year, maybe 2 years (rarely), but no more than 2 years.

If you want to know how to survive long term on tight margins, @ethan knows what he is talking about. (This may actually be a fact, rather than opinion)


Fact that the scary part.



That’s my feeling in general. Cam me Friday. Have a question. :upside_down_face:

From the voices in my head

Ethan Kayes


Follow this

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Are you interested in heating your greenhouse with biomass fuel?