Transpring A10 series cartridges which uses Transpring next-gen ceramic heating core technology provides incredible efficiency and surprising performance!

According to feedback from one of our distributors, “The cloud vapor was very identical to a well-known brand cartridge performance”. This is a true case and true feedback for A10 series cartridge, which uses Transpring ceramic technology.

What’ s Transpring ceramic technology?

It is the next-generation ceramic heating core technology. There are thousands of different types of ceramic. This is a unique ceramic formulation that owned by Transpring and manufactured in the high-temperature sintering processes.

What’ s the inner structure of Transpring ceramic?

Under a microscope, it shows that the ceramic structure has below strength,

A. Highly uniform hole and bulk porosity

B. Small (but not too small) average hole diameter

C. High hole density

D. Large total surface area

E. High surface roughness

Also, there is no material that includes a lead element in the ceramic coil. Thus, the ceramic coil from Transpring is totally lead-free.

Thanks to the above advantages, the ceramic coil has great performance in oil spreading, heating, and tastes.

In general, ceramics are faced with a challenge that ceramic coil technology is easy to cracking at high temperatures. Transpring Technology solves this problem to a great extent. The Transpring ceramic core is baked at around 1000 ℃, ensuring self-cleaning and forming a pure ceramic formulation.

Also, via microscope, you can find that it has a highly uniform hole and bulk porosity, which enhances the efficiency of heating and ensures better flavor. The bigger surface area of a microporous material greatly contributes to enhancing the taste in the liquid.

A10 series cartridges are specially designed for high viscosity oils, which produces more cloud vapor, ensures a true taste.

Who’ s Transpring?

Transpring will not only offer trendy technology but also products that can endure the most rigorous test in the field. Transpring’ s goal is to offer more custom options for oil producers or oil brands.

Transpring has been devoting ourselves to the innovation and manufacturing of vape cartridges and preheating batteries since 2004. Throughout the past years, we’ve developed a strong and experienced R&d team and kept continuous innovation to meet the needs from different markets.