Tygers second grow around

Good day everyone. Hope life is treating you, your family and plants well. So if you followed my last journal, you know I only ever fully succeeded with one harvest. Heres my second go around with hopefully no mess ups. Lemme know if I’m missing any other info to give

Indoors 2’x4’ tent for 3 plants
Fabric pots with recycled soil from last grow
Seedling feed will be just water with maybe kelp in the third week.
Light source is a 1000w giixer led
Early temps stay from 77-82°
Early humidity 60-70%


Hi @tygergrowx

Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best grow. Some nice strains, bubblegum, strawberry cheese, but cant read the third. What soil mix are you using?


I’m here…:+1:t3:


Im using fox farm ocean foam from last grow mixed with trimmings and old stalks broken down also the last strain is cream candy


1 week in and I’d love to say great things but uhhhh… Yeaaaa. Cici 2.0 and SC but got lost underground and didnt know which direction was up so i had to assist. Bubbles 2.0 was doing great until my damn puppy took a bite when I wasn’t around.

Here is CiCi 2.0

Here is SC

Here is Bubbles

More to come with the next weekly update. I do feel a growth stunt on all 3. Breaks my heart


Happy friday to all the plant parents. So ms. SC didn’t make it but she had a sister come and hold her place and only two days in dirt and showing better already.

Cici as some of you know is my thriver and shes showing shes the strongest out of the bunch


The photo above is Cici and the next is Bubbles 2.0


Just from personal experience I dont reuse soil. Everytime I’ve tried it just messes up my girls. Probably from residual salts/nutes from previous grows and I’m too lazy to figure out living soil or how to amend properly. Just some food for thought.


So I’m starting Strawberry Cheese OVER AGAIN because of my rude plant eater, my 10mo puppy, but heres the progress for Cici and Bubbles. Just potted SC today so I’ll give a week update for her.


So heres another week in making it 3 for Cici and Bubbles and 1 for SC. I’m going to step back from watering so much and let that root find the water for I’m having a slow grow

also attempted to top Bubbles. How did I do?


Good day to you all. I’m a little lost on my grow lol. My plants have been moody a little bit just like their pa pa but still greening out. I attempted to top Cici and failed but she still grows strong.

Next we have Bubbles. She was happy with her topping but has yet to grow in height.

Last we have a special one and by special i mean screw plastic pots. SC hasnt seen a feed in two weeks and low-key stressing me out cause she won’t grow


@happilyretired can you send me some feedback on my grow?

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Well, things look like they’re on track to me. Everyone of them is different. I had one seed plant that I started with all my other outdoor she got 2 inches tall and stalled. Didn’t change for over three weeks. Now it’s 4 feet tall. Some takeoff and grow like crazy and some of them don’t. The beauty of this whole deal, it’s your only responsible to you. You will make mistakes you will learn from them and keep growing. For me personally when I lose one it’s not really the financial loss, it’s more so the time. If you start seeds and they make it two weeks and die it sucks but it’s really no big deal. If you have plants that are eight or nine weeks old and something happens to where they are a loss, it really sucks. Anyways there’s really not much to comment on when there that small. About the only thing you could do to screw it up would be to over water them, or let the puppy in again :flushed::joy:


Happy Friday to everyone. Heres to another lovely for my ladies. Cici always showing out for me then Bubbles showing she can do a split, topping joke, meanwhile SC… That little girl taking her time

Heres big Bubbles dropping a split. NSFW😛

And herss the little girl SC


@happilyretired I have a question. As you can see on SC, the leaves are clustering on top of each other but are tiny. Is this a normal thing to occur? Just trying to figure out what to expect in the longevity.

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It looks to me like it’s just getting ready to takeoff. Looks like it’s gonna look weird for a while. Looks like new growth popping out of one side.:+1:t3:


Here is week 6 for my two bigger babies and week 3 or 4 just have to look ay the journal, for my youngest and newest. Cici is thriving and staying a favorite

Next is my bayb Bubbles. She took her split well

Last is SC. Shes being just straight up weird for me. She acting like she wanna get thick but ain’t trying to grow. @happilyretired what am I doing wrong family?


3 weeks for SC

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I also don’t know what’s going on. Your bigger plants are six weeks old? They’re starting to flower. Are they auto flowers? When are you starting the clock from when you drop the seeds or when they pop out of soil? Your small plant looks fine to me in the pictures. All I can say is stay the course and see what happens. Just don’t get in a hurry.


They all are autos, sidenote I wouldn’t be possible to grow all together if they weren’t lol. I started my clock on the first day above soil. Thank you for the reassurance on my small plant. Just think I don’t do the best with regular pots. I do better with fabric pots. Also seems like my older soil is treating my plants better than the fresh soil