Ultrasonic Tincture/Extractions For the Self-Medicater

I found some info about commercial Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction. I hope to bring some of these ideas into my home tincture extraction practices. Not sure what links are safe to share, so mods please let me know if I need to make some deletions:

This one gives good info to jump from:

I’ve decided to be experiment with this the next time I make tincture at home. Right now, I think I’m going with this:

This combination offers the best practice for mixing liposomal vitamin C, other liposomal products, steeping, and ultrasonic assisted Extraction.

My usual method is here: What to do with all that trim? - #18 by blackthumbbetty


Here’s a pdf:



The industrial type costs about 1K and up. Boy, they’re tempting, though. A girl can dream.

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Would like to hear more scientific info on the process as it applies to cannabis. Any P-4810 recipes and/or directions (time, frequency, amplitude, temp.) After reading about the process being heat generating how would we cool it down or do we need to?


The model I posted, when using the glass beaker properly, will not heat up the contents of the beaker past a certain point. The cleaner has actual heat, but you can operate it w/o the heat, in which case the temp will still rise, but not higher than about 90F, which is perfectly fine.

I, personally, never heat my extracts higher than 90-95F, even when evaporating off the ethanol, so I chose that particular machine because it’s made for extraction.

One day, if the cheesy little machine works, I’ll invest in a real set-up that costs several grand.

The links I posted are good places to start your research. Follow them and use Google to get more info.


Thanks for the insight on the processes. Keep on extracting and let us know the results.


I was going to order a whole cleaner, but instead I’m just going to get an ultrasonic cleaning head that emits 50k to submerge into the ethanol/herb solution, since that will probably be more effective than the action being outside the container, anyway.

Also investing in a Source Turbo, to up my game a bit. The next extract run should be pretty damned interesting.

So, for about 650, I’m recreating (hopefully) what would normally be about a 2k set-up. Won’t have any results for you til at least October, when I’ll do another sugar trim run from last year’s grows.

Edit: getting frustrated with the company not yet shipping the ultrasonic cleaner I had chosen. I couldn’t afford my original option, so I went with my 3rd option, because it was within budget. Now, I have a 43khz cleaner on the way. It’s kind of a more industrial thing than my original option, but basically the same thing.


Oh, this arrived, today. :grinning:


Can’t wait to see what you make with this new toy!
Thanks for sharing.


I’ll be firing it up in about an hour!


Can’t wait to see how this works out I’ll be watching.if u can do video I’d love to see what it looks like in action :wink:


I definitely will, once I get it down. I don’t want to video my first try. In case I burn the house down or something.


Ok, so these first 2 Source runs will be without using the ultrasonic cleaner.

I’ve downloaded the owner’s manual and installed the app. I have a quart of 190 proof alcohol in the freezer.

My first runs through the Source will be:

  1. Doing a second processing of THC trim; first process was 11 days ago, after which the strained green material was frozen. I am running this through again because I didn’t have cheesecloth to properly wring out all the good stuff, so I know there’s more in there.

  2. While that’s going, I’m going to decarb 2 oz of Casino Cookies CBD trim, then freeze it for several hours. By then, the first run should be done and I can strain the CBD and start processing it through the source.

I am hoping that by the end of today, I have another 2fl.oz of THC tincture and at least 6fl.oz of CBD tincture.


Ok, yesterday’s run went very well! It turned out exactly how you’d expect such a dark green/black tincture to turn out. :joy: I knew this going in. Still, the first run was absolutely a success, even starting with reprocessed and severely broken down trim.

It took 6 hours to process one pint of liquid. I wasn’t able to wash the CBD yesterday, because of that. Instead, it’s been waiting patiently in the freezer.

I ended up with 10ml tincture and 2 grams of hash goo. The goo is going into Tootsie Rolls.


Today, I started the CBD.

Triple Strained, top to bottom:
-First, through milk bag
-Second, through coffee filter
-Third, through “slow” cellulose filter


First CBD run went very well! Well, except at the end, when I was removing the lid, a bit of alcohol dripped back into the crucible.

I’ve estimated this batch, made from 2 gr of 21% CBD trim (cut down to 4% for being trim), has approximately 2240mg of CBD, that includes weight loss from decarb & processing. I only have 2oz dropper bottles, because I am an idiot.

That perfect little number just happens to be the amount of CBD I go through in about a month.

Right now, I’m just going to make tinctures in the Source. Once I get that Sourced to perfection, I’ll try to make vape carts.

Thinking about adding some Durban Poison or White Widow terps to this tincture. I will follow the instructions sent with the terpenes, if I decide to do it.


Plus the tinctures, of course.


After drying for a day, the THC oil is looking less RSO-y. I have been kinda stirring it and spreading it around every so often. After checking the Source fb group, it seems a lot of people will allow their oil to dry on a silicone mat, and kinda fold the goo and stir it up over a week or so.

Love kicking my alcohol extraction into the next gear! Lots of new stuff learn!


Tks Betty I always wondered what whipping did for alcohol extracts.


Thanks for supplying the correct terminology!

Oh, I’m gonna whip it! Whip it good!