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Ultrasonic Tincture/Extractions For the Self-Medicater

I found some info about commercial Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction. I hope to bring some of these ideas into my home tincture extraction practices. Not sure what links are safe to share, so mods please let me know if I need to make some deletions:

This one gives good info to jump from:

I’ve decided to be experiment with this the next time I make tincture at home. Right now, I think I’m going with this:

This combination offers the best practice for mixing liposomal vitamin C, other liposomal products, steeping, and ultrasonic assisted Extraction.

My usual method is here: What to do with all that trim?

Here’s a pdf:

The industrial type costs about 1K and up. Boy, they’re tempting, though. A girl can dream.

Would like to hear more scientific info on the process as it applies to cannabis. Any P-4810 recipes and/or directions (time, frequency, amplitude, temp.) After reading about the process being heat generating how would we cool it down or do we need to?

The model I posted, when using the glass beaker properly, will not heat up the contents of the beaker past a certain point. The cleaner has actual heat, but you can operate it w/o the heat, in which case the temp will still rise, but not higher than about 90F, which is perfectly fine.

I, personally, never heat my extracts higher than 90-95F, even when evaporating off the ethanol, so I chose that particular machine because it’s made for extraction.

One day, if the cheesy little machine works, I’ll invest in a real set-up that costs several grand.

The links I posted are good places to start your research. Follow them and use Google to get more info.

Thanks for the insight on the processes. Keep on extracting and let us know the results.