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Underwater/Overwater other?

Shit! I hope thats not what My mom said! FML :exploding_head:


LOL, I’m pretty sure while growing up, my mom may well have taken preventative action in hindsight !!


Dumb person in 2001: Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt I beams
Dumb Person in 2021: It’s not cold enough outside to actually kill my plants
4 Caramelicious attempted
3 Germinated
2 Didn’t flop over and die
1 Grew nicely, male

Won’t be long now till I harvest half a blunt’s worth of that sweet sweet caramelicious

When I realized that the internal processes were basically arrested by the cold I bought a cheap LED and decided to finish growing inside. I failed to notice the caterpillar until it looked like freaking king kong climbing my plant. I don’t know why the leaves look like nitrogen toxicity, except that maybe because the plant isn’t really growing it has a lot of unused nitrogen from the presumably good soil.


So is this a political stance or your bud showcase? I’m confused on where your trying to take me here?

Just saying, This is a weed site.

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Just saying I was making the same mistake. The metal doesn’t need to melt to soften and the plant doesn’t need to die to not grow. Treating temperature like it isn’t something that works by degrees is a dumb mistake I shouldn’t have made.