Unexpected move

So as i was just getting started on a new grow journal. Some unfortunate situations have arised. Which puts us in a position of moving.
As it is unfortunate having to pack an entire house and move it. But i also do not live in a legal state and i have about 30 plants i have to move under the cover of darkness.
There are also pros to the situation. My new house that we have aquired is a nice 4 bedroom house with a full basement. So my 8x6 room is going to become, well i guess whatever size i want. So im going to upload some picture here and stuff once i start the grow room build.

On another note i am going to be starting a youtube channel. Posting video blog grow journals to promote growers house and growersnetwork. So i will post links here once i get things up and growing. I hope you guys will come follow me and invite all your fellow stoners.


how long does it take for you to get from where you are to where are moving to?

move your plants at their night put them in boxes/bags what have

and you got 8 or 12 hours to get there

all the best and be safe



Luckily it is just across town. Problem is i have 7 plants in the last few weeks of flower inside a tent. Im hoping they will finish up in time to just cut them down to dry before moving. Im going to have to uppot my newer plants today. Cuz they are oitgrowing their starter pots. Its just a hassel. But ill make it work. I think the new grow space will be more efficient.


Although the relocation can be a major PIA, There’s always the new potential and adventure your new location will present !
Grit your teeth and get it done !! Imagine how nice and comfortable (with lots of potential) that new house will bring you !
Good Luck !


Best of luck with your move, and your grows.
@midwestcc420 and like Dequilo always says .
Be safe


The good news is i had word of the possible move prior to germinating my monkey slapz from @PreyBird1. Sooo once i get in and get settled im going to get started on those. With those seeds im going to start my video journal. Im going to make a video from building the room through growing those seeds.


You can speed up the flowering by decreasing the light hours and increasing the dark hours. take the day light time to 8 or even 6 hours. Like 10 light / Dark 14 or 8/16.


Got to look at the new house today. I think my grow tents should fit just fine.


no need for a tent :wink:


I know it wouldnt be necessary. But im trying to get on a cycle of constantly having product ready to cut and cure. Im trying really hard to get growershouse to sponsor me as a vendor at hash bash either this year or next. So more space gives me the opportunity to do that. That picture honestly only shows half of the room. So i plan to put a wall down the middle to split the room in half. So i can have a veg and a flower room. But im waiting to get my taxes back to do that. Because im really going to go in on my grow room. Im investing my entire check to expanding my business.


are the way to go :slight_smile: having a space that is for growing and only growing is

great having life out of your grow space

The best to you with your remolding and ask questions there are folks here that

can help with advice

I do not know what skills you have to do the work one thing I will say is this

if you can do it or can pay to have it done

I would say this get yourself a Breaker Panel that is for your grow and

just your grow

if you have a friend that can do or pay do it, do it before it even begins to look

like a grow room

if you know how to put in a sub panel I would if you think you will have 2500 watts

of total use and if you have the coin build it for 7500 watts total

since you are putting outlet in put in lots and where you can easily reach them

remember you building a grow room

I always keep my electric stuff off the floor and my outlets are about 3 feet

up the wall

remember water and electricity love each other and you in the mix could

be dead

my two cents

all the best and grow well



Your 2 cents is worth a million dollars to me my friend. Getting a seperate breaker would be a great idea. Because i am actually looking into getting a solar panel. And using the solar panel energy to power my grow so that it will cut back on my electric.


you are using LEDs now ? I know that has helped me to knock 200 dollars

a month off my power bill

Solar is good but to own panels and have to have storage then invert your DC to AC

to use is a lot of overhead

my grow room and house/barn power is generated by bio gas from a land fill here

in New York

I pay a a couple cents more a KiloWatt Hour

we do use lots of power growing inside :frowning: that why I work outside when I

can and there is sooo much room

all the best and be safe



This unfortunately is something that we lack. And being in an illegal state. And nosey ass neighbors makes it to where outdoors isnt really an option. My wife is paranoid about the 30 plants we have indoors. She couldnt function properly if she had the added stress of an outdoor plant.

She recommended to me the other day that we go old school and walk the railroad and plant down the tracks… to me its not worth the risk of spending a whole season growing and a crack head steal it. Or even having someone put up a trail cam and busting us.

I prefer my little indoor grow. No one can access it. I can monitor it better. More environmental control. To me id rather pay an extra 100 dollars a month and stay inside until the law is on my side and i can move outdoors…

Trust me i wish i could go outdoors and triple my yield.


that is why I started growing inside spring 2001 :slight_smile:

had to grow three crops a year to get anything at all

one for The police, one for the ripper and one for me

I was just going to dynamite my grows but killing A Cop will get a needle

stuck in your arm here :frowning:

I just started back outside 2021 and remember how much the plant loves to be in the

sun and in the ground

starts like this

we end up here

we can grow six



Trust me i have witnessed the difference. I planted 7 plants last year and hardly got a pound. My uncle planted 10 outdoor and almost got 20. They love nature way more than the tent for sure.


Lol welcome to my world! My wife is paranoid but so am i. Not a state to be growing in here. Im trying to get the wife to move. Im looking for some property that has some acres so i can make a bigger grow away form the house area so it far back on the property so there is no way a nosey anybody could get back there to cause a problem. Im close to lots of families im right under there noses and my grow is 1600 sqft. An small house worth of growing and sometimes i hit 100 plants. This year im running my strains and only using 4 of my 8 tents at the moment. But im gearing up for another breeding run about to cut clones so i can make something new and exciting. And im about to grow my new F1 candy Rain crosses gotta see what we ended up with hopefully some firey buds.


Well @PreyBird1 once i get in and get settled i aim to get the genetics i got from you on the ball. Ive got 25 plants I’ll be flipping to flower first thing after getting settled. Which is why I’m grateful for my tents. I can throw the tents up and throw them in the tents while i build the rooms. If i can get someone to run another breaker for me like @dequilo suggested. I’m going to do that before i frame in some walls. Essentially all im going to do is put a wall straightdown the middle and put a wall across the front. To make one big room, into 2 moderate sized rooms. So i have one to veg and one for flower. Thought being that if i have a veg room i can keep mothers longer. And get more out of my investment.

Im also going to be putting in a camera in each room for filming time lapse. To add to my videos im going to make. Im trying real hard to work with growershouse. Make videos of growing a specific bud, then having that bud available at hashbash.


You got those goji crasher beans available yet


Something like this would be great for yous! They’re building a dope grow room in there as well…

@OlyBoy Their balcony reminded me of yours.