Update ! - Acinfinity 4X4 - Critical / Do-si-Dos

Helly everybody, getting ready to start my new round, just received some new seeds from Humboldt seed company. Going to try their new strain called Jelly Donutz.

After my last round and experience with hermafrodites and some weed full of seeds decided to get some good genetics in stead of the discount seeds I bought for the last round.

Have to wait 3 more weeks before I can start since I will have some visitors from abroad, but as soon as those visitors leave and the room frees up again will start immediately. Can’t wait.

Anybody else already growing this strain ?


Nice! I’ll be watching this grow for sure. I’ve grown the jelly rancher ( hella jelly ) before and I have 2 going right now. One of the best things is the quick flowering time- about 50 ish days.

The one I had before smelled like a grape jolly rancher. :candy:


hi @franklinfarmer

Looking good and some nice beans you have there. That is a very quick flowering time.


Less time for things to go wrong :smile:


Got a pack haven’t dropped but will next harvest, did blueberry muffins supposed to be quick flower still went 9 weeks from flip, will be watching happy growing


Pretty excited about the seeds, and can’t wait to start again. Have some plans to change some things around in the tent after last round. Like placement of my dehumidifier and having it drain into a larger container. Last round it filled up to quickly and would let humidity get too high during the night (ran my 12 hours of light during the night).

Stocked up some new advanced nutrients so we are all ready to go, just need to get some soil (Ocean forest).


New round has started, started to germinate some seeds today and rebuilding the tent tomorrow as my visitors will free up my spare bedroom again :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get this round started. Pictures to come tomorrow !


Well that took a bit longer than planned, but tent is up and am super happy with how it ended up… Cables are all neatly tucked away, humidifier hanging in the corner and humidifier sitting outside of the tent. This should give me maximum floor space and all the control I need/hope to keep the environment under control. Pots are ready to receive the seeds that sprouted in tissue paper tomorrow morning, maybe even later tonight if I don’t get to drunk :slight_smile:




PS. have a small dome from AC infinity with some blue lights that I accidentally ordered with them. They are not very strong but will have the main light (S44) on setting 1 as supplemental lighting while they get through their seedling stage… My guess is the combo should be very sufficient for them to get going.

Anybody any experience with those blue lights ?


Are the blue lights UVB? If they are just run them the last 2 or 3 weeks of flower and only up to 15 minutes an hour during the light cycle and try to keep them 24 inches above the canopy of the plants.


These are 28 watts for your seeds to get started you don’t need much light for them to sprout i use 25 watt ferry morse just keep lights down low to avoid too much stretching, good luck


On the AC Infinity website it says they are “targeted UV grow LED” for supplemental ultraviolet lighting to assist with primary lighting…

I think I am going to remove them and let the main light just do its thing. And like the other comment mentions keeping my light low to avoid stretching.


If it’s this light, IONBEAM U2 or U4 only use the last 3 weeks of flower on photoperiods or last 2 weeks of flower on Auto’s. Don’t run for more than 15 minutes an hour when the lights are on or they may burn your plants and the plants may not recover.


I don’t think those are the ones, but just to be safe I removed them and ordered news ones. Plants have not yet broken the surface so don’t think there is any damage now.


Updates coming soon, had a small set back but hoping to be back on track soon. The seeds hardly germinated and only two came up above the ground. But they did not show any growth…

Wether it was the seeds or me doing something wrong I don’t know, but after talking to them I am getting a new set of seeds ! Talk about amazing customer service, I explained my situation and setup, and without even asking they offered to send me a new set of seeds. Really nice, that kind of customer service makes people customers for a life time.


Ladies and Gentlemen we have lift off !!

After visitors, a potential move that did not end up happening and a variety of seeds not sprouting, we now finally have a new start.

Today in the tent I have 3 Critical plants and 2 Do-si-Do’s, germinated them last Friday and as of today have 5 healthy seedlings.

Still have some other plants in the tent as well, that are just not growing for some reason. They are now like 3 weeks old, but are hardly showing any growth. I repotted them in different soil, but also that did not really help. Just going to keep them in the tent, who knows, plenty of space at the moment anyway :slight_smile:

There is one royal runtz and the other 3 are Mimosa’s, germinated fine but once above ground basically halted growing…No clue what is going wrong.

But happy we are going again and will post frequent updates again going forward.


It won’t be long they’ll take off just don’t over water them, looks good


Its so tempting for some reason to keep giving them water, but am with you will refrain from overwatering them !


Quick update ! They are now 9 days since I started germinating them or 6 days since they came above ground. I kind of count Monday 18th as day 1.


Looking dam good they all got their wings!