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Vanilla Frosting

What’s up everyone! I took a drive to Pacifica CA yesterday to a dispensary and grabbed myself a clone. It’s a vanilla frosting little lady grown from the humboldt seeds co genetics. It’s a cross of the humboldt frost og and the humboldt gelato. They were selling seeds too for 120$ for 20 seeds. The clone was only 25 bucks :+1:t4:

Also just popped a few other seeds there in the background. More on those as they sprout


Damn those are extremely great prices nice find maz


Using happy frog this round instead of ocean forest. We’ll see how this goes. Only my second grow but I feel like I learned a lot on the first run.


how big is your tent - height wise ??

here’s what an outside grow can do - [trust me, not my grow ]


@rootfarmer 2 x 4 x 5ft Just big enough for 2-3 plants. Might try to do more, smaller plants this run and not veg for so long. First run I grew them for 4 months before I flipped them.

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that Vanilla frosting can fill the whole tent if you let it…


I hope you checked her well for bugs ?
Good Luck


Nice grab @Maz. I’ll be following your grow. Tag me when you post updates my friend.
I’ve been snatching up Humboldt Seed Company genetics lately. Just got a 10 pack of Royal Highness, The Bling, and OG Kush. From DC Seed exchange. I still want Hibiscus, Purple Panty Dropper, and Stoopid Fruits. I’m going to pop an OG Kush bean in a couple weeks.


Good point skin

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just to give you a finish cola target - Gramps says smokes with real smooth citrus with a little pine taste and smell
[ I am crushing on this strain - I had it in the cart but decided to wait - outdoor grow or not at all.]


:star_struck: that looks amazing! I’d be happy with half that lol

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Do you have beans to share ?

Did you find any on her ? I hope not, but check every millimeter
Use neem every 6wks or so and you should never have a issue
I’m curious to see her in a week or 2 :wolf:

i never bought them - will see what’s up in the spring…

they reported that they sold over 100,000 seeds of VF this year.

likely find some F2’s available on the 2ndary market for under $5 a bean.

I misunderstood your reply
I thought you found some in what was hangin

sorry to be confusing . I balked at paying $10 a bean -
those pics aren’t my grow - I said that above

6 out of 7 of the seeds I popped are above ground and looking good. Vanilla frosting baby girl doing well too :cupcake: And yes I checked for bugs and it was clean.

Thinking about going back and grabbing a blueberry muffin. Maybe a few.


3 for 3 on the Hashgod seeds ( skygod x hash passion ) courtesy our own @preybird1 :eagle:

3 for 4 on some purple punch seeds I had. :boxing_glove:


Nice im behind. No hands working yet

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