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Vendors and Hobbyist attending MJ Biz 2019?

Hey @Vendor (s) and @Hobbyist! Will any of you be gracing the MJ Biz Con with your presence this December?

The Canna Cribs Team and TruPotency Team will be there!!

Reply here and let us know! Also, check out some of your fellow community members who will be attending in the thread below!

Mj biz con 2019 roll call :)

Holiday seasons greetings!! Hope we get to meet you all!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy chatting and growing!


Still not sure. Assessing the value of expending the financial resources to rub elbows with y’all. Seasons greetings to you too :+1:


I will be there and am excited to see the upcoming episode, including Agriair products!


OK, we get it @idacal, and thanks! We hope to see you there. :+1:

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Awesome @AgriairApril! We are excited too!! Looking forward to seeing you there. :grin::green_heart:


I’ll be there with exhibitor badge with Fluence Bioengineering!

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I’ll be there. Looking for new strains and products to grow the commercial grow with.


I messaged you last week, we look forward to hearing back & catching you guys at MJ BizCon :100:

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The Trym Team will be there! Come say Hi to us in booth #C1710 :wave:

We’re hustling to launch Harvest Analytics (yea for freshie software drops :boom:) at MJBiz & we’re throwing an event Day2 so def come by and see what’s up!


We will be there at Current Cultures’ booth showing off our fertigation system!


I’ll be there looking for new/more products to carry for new stores I’m opening up.

I will be in around 2 or 3 Wednesday… until Friday… then hoping to rent a Harley and head for the desert on Saturday…going as a hobbyist but looking at extract toys information…