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Hi guys,
First of all, please don’t forget wash your hands before eating or vaping.
If you want to try some latest vaporizers on the market, here is the chance.

The Armor is the latest concentrate vape pen from Yocan.
10 second preheat function
Featured 3 Voltage Levels
Fully Charged In 30 Min
Micro USB Charging

If you guy want to try this item for free, please fill out the address on this link:
Any question, please comment below.


Your product looks badass :ok_hand::sunglasses:… Royal blue color for sure :metal:… My only question… is it for wax style only or is there a oil style available?.. I used to get get syringes to refill my carts but haven’t in awhile want to get back into it


Sounds good, been thinking about jumping into the vaping market. I filled out the proper forms on your website. Hopefully I get one to try and review, and if not no biggie :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


I’m pretty sure it’s for carts. It doesn’t say anything about coils, which it usually does with a wax pen.


Actually brother I was wrong. I went on Yocans website and looked and it’s for Wax! It uses quartz dual coils.


They have both and more! The one you see here is for concentrates, but they also have some for flowers, some for oils and a few hybrid models that will do oils and concentrates, afaik! I love their products! :nerd_face:


I used this model for a long while… One of the first dry flower vape attachment that truly worked for me. And I hear they have gotten a lot better since… :crazy_face:



I had one of the Evolve pens it was awesome. But unfortunately I left in my pants pocket and my wife washed them and it literally blew apart in the dryer pieces of it all over the place lmao :man_facepalming:. Live and learn :grin:. I love how discreet and convenient vaping is no stinky finger or breath and best of all no weed smell when it’s in your pocket unlike a joint or a bag. Great for public gatherings or tight spaces like the fish hut, weddings or lunch break :wink:. I was surprised with how long the battery lasts. So funny story my brother has the Evolve XL and on Christmas night we were all at my parents for dinner and what not and he loaded it right up and gave it to me and then was like hit it and said keep going keep going keep going, well what a mistake lmao :rofl: I was on the floor coughing and choking for almost an hour my face and eyes were as red as the devils dick and I was knackered to say the least. Another one of those live and learn kinda moments. But all in all a great product all around even if they don’t pick me I would definitely recommend there pens and will be buying another one shortly. Hopefully not :wink:


Totally agree with you. Surprising little gadgets :star_struck:


When will we know if we are picked @uoocevape? And do you notify everyone that registered or only the people selected?

Thanks again and have a great day! :nerd_face:


I do too. I have a few I use when I’m out, but my favorite is still probably my original evolve wax pen, but I really like my pandon as well.


Thanks for all replies.
This item is designed for concentrate, and the Armor coil is compatible with Evovle plus’.
So, you can load the Evovle plus coil on your Armor.

As for the review applications, please check the email inbox if you have submitted.
The Yocan Review Team will contact you guys via email.


I have the smaller yocan

How does that small guy work?

It actually works great I jus ran out could kuz I started letting my wife take it so started going thru coils so but I want the bigger one that looks dope

So that pic u have as ur pro file I jus got some live from them the other day

Oh no wait my bad this label is the same name jus spelt diff

totally fogot the name

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I use to use the m4 cloutank dry flower but they stopped making it :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry thought I was on a different thread lol