Weed prices in today's market?

What do you guys think I should be selling my buds for ? Like eighths , quarters , halves , and ounces it’s pretty quality stuff .


enough to pay for a bail bondsman and a lawyer if you need them


Hahaha, made me laugh!


@sdoyle just good advice from someone who knows :slight_smile:

back in 1982 I lived in Miami FL I was a player in the booming cola business

gave a lawyer that could practice in federal court and bail bondsman money every week

did not hurt at all when I got knocked for trafficking and distribution

I have no problem with cash croppers or drug dealers

I do have a problem when they get knocked and start crying

what sucked is when I got out of Federal Prison my scum bag lawyer was holding money of mine

and thought because I was in the Mid West and not FLA he could beat me :frowning:

I had to fly the day i got out from Mid Way in Illinois to Miami and beat his ass with a golf putter

in his front yard to get paid

some folks always want to do things the hard way

@spades90 look at what they get at rec outlets or medical 3.5 grams medical here is 30 -40 $

sometimes 7 bucks a gram on sale

cheaper and easier to buy weed to shuffle from the Chinese bulk pounds of Bubba Kush here

are 800 to 900 $ a pound if you know folks

get a gun and rob them so much more money in selling free weed :wink:

ask the rippers who rob us of our work :frowning:

so you can see why I am a three time convicted felon

be safe and grow weed



You have a interesting back story @dequilo, you should think about writing a book. I’m serious, not being a dick.


I am saleing mine for 50 100 and 200 q half and oz pound for 2500 and i feel its cheap for quality in a illegal still market but at the same time no problem getting my $


Lmao but in all seriousness. I was thinking the same thing haha @dequilo sounds like he’s got some frickin stories !!!


Thank you for that! That’s kind of what I was thinking those are very reasonable prices. And I’m assuming you do eighths for 25?


got to love those 50 dollar hand to hand sales :slight_smile:

but whatever works for you

if I was going to sell my work you could buy it at 75$ an 1/8 and 125$ a 1/4 and nothing


but at 125 you can buy all the quarters you like :wink:

too much work to give it away

be safe and grow well



Too many dispensaries around me. They have their top shelf 60-80$ 1/8. But mostly sits on the shelf , until they newbie comes in and feels the more it cost the Better it is :joy::rofl:…. they have oz 80-100$ of descent mid grade as far as dispo weed goes. I don’t go to them unless I want a couple carts for my pen. . I have grow buddies local and we usually share our work , if I pay it’s not more than 100$an oz and it blows away top shelf dispo weed. No need to coat in in keif or rosin , fire the way it is. :joy::rofl: :+1::+1::v:


I coulg get more but i only mess with a couple people and want to get rid quickly


Im actually taking about half lol. Hell the import is 80 a q


Wow, our prices in SA are extreme.

1 gram indoor $10
1 g outdoor $2
1g brick weed $0.25


As a newbie, I can confidently state that my brain hurts trying to decifer what you guys are saying.
Maybe it’s better I don’t understand!


You guys need to come to Cali. It’s about 500 LB. The market is completely saturated. The profit for illegally growing here is far lower in value than the time is. Plus the fact, would someone wanna go to jail for 500 a LB… I have an acquaintance in Kentucky that is acquiring flower from California for that price. My friends that used to have some grows here have shut it down due to profit versus risk.
There’s more giant cannabis producers being built here also. They’re even putting their own power plants in and selling the excess electricity back to the grid.


in this case knowledge is not power :slight_smile:

the Mexican Brick Weed here in New York is hard to find

Green Block Jamaican comes in at about 2 bucks a gram

local outdoors is whatever you can get it for most local growers here are small and broke

indoor stuff you are back in that 10 $ or so a gram

high quality indoor hand trimmed boutique bud is hard to find and will cost you

350 to 400 an Oz if they will sell it by the Oz

I know folk in Colorado growing for the shops to make money they need to put their indoor

bud on the table at a cost of 1.50 to 1.75 a gram or no money to be made

but rest asserted the Big Boys are on the way to take care of all this

be safe and grow well



Well shit. I’ve got some mexi brick seeds. Might have to break some out again. Lol. They are very old and germ rates aren’t always great, but when they do pop there are some gems. I found some nice sativa
Ladies and a couple haze in my experimenting with them. I’d like to find the sativa again. Extremely focused energetic buzz. Pine flavor fire. Buds bigger than 16oz bottle. 6 foot plus tall plants indoors , turned some brick weed into some highly requested fire :+1::+1::v:


$400 per ounce?


high quality indoor hand trimmed boutique bud

bud snob weed :slight_smile:


Paid 400 a zip for sour d 4 years ago before i started growing wtf was i thinking but it was fire! Lol