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Old man Prey has a noir strain… I think he back crossed it too. I was promised a cherry noir clone from Kap about 10 years ago… maybe 5. Okay 2 or 3 when I do the math but still! Right?? He’s Canadian tho so hes a little slower then us Americans. Can’t hold that against thier French ancestors and what not! Peut tu ?
Loco holds on pluckem! There’s a storm coming…and it’s coming for moi! :laughing:


@LoCoRock, um no. i did not pay that for seeds. I paid $30 for 3 beans from Pacific Seed Bank. looks like it will pay off in spades…

here’s a quick shot from the door to the flower room. Ceiling height in there is right about 6’6". You can see why i love my vertical cool tube.

I’m trying to figure out Gimp photo editing software. My camera shoots pictures in RAW format. Gimp doesn’t process RAW. So i am debating on getting the new photoshop elements.


sampled the Berry Noir last night. She’s confusing - heavy indica couchlock with a racy sativa high. I think she needs a few more days. the taste was smooth and yummy though. she’s flushed enough.


the berry Noir turned out wonderfully well. She starts very heavy, slumped in a chair unable to get up to get another drink heavy, then matures into a wild mischievous high that makes me want to get into trouble. Fun stuff. At 10 weeks she’s ridiculous, but at 8.5 weeks she reasonable.

here’s some of the Blueberry Yum Yum due to come down this coming weekend


here’s the Blueberry Yum Yum at 9 1/2 weeks at harvest. I hope the potency improves. The flavor is straight blueberries.


Blueberry Yum Yum

Ludacris was right to make a song inspired by this strain. The taste is straight fresh blueberries. I harvested this round at 9 1/2 weeks and the last plant came down right at 10 weeks. The buzz is somewhat heavy starting out but then lifts you up a bit and gets really fun and weird. I smoked a tester with 3 friends last night. I didn’t finish the J. I giggled all the way home talking to myself. She’s so much fun and gives a little pain relief too. She’s made it into one of my top 5 favorites.


flower room shots

Tokyo Snow. she’s a big girl almost 5 feet tall. Put here in a flower a week ago and she’s getting her stretch on. You can make out where the wall stops and meets the ceiling, that’s the 6’6" mark

and a couple bud shots from the unknown strain. I found the beans in a baggie labeled Rez’s Chemdog F2 bx. If that is indeed what they are, I’m gonna seriously do my happy dance/ But I realize they might be something else.