What do you guys think is the best type/style hydro system?

Hi guys,
While I’ve been growing fir a minute I’ve never tried hydro and want to give it a shot. I was wondering what type of small system you’d reccomend I try out?


Hi @jory

I am not tooo clued up on hydro systems, but at the moment setting up a deep water culture system for some herbs and veggies. I have always seen growers start with DWC or change their systems to that style at a later stage. This is the system I am using below.


Following. I asked the same thing here: - Going Hydroponic 💧 - not long ago, have a look.

Not too much response tho :sweat_smile: But there are good tips.

(R)DWC seems like the best way to go for a homegrower, to me. It’s excellent for small & mid-scale growing operations.

Last but not least: Know that it won’t be less work. But it should improve yield, vigour, speed, that sort of things. Some report a slightly lesser richness and potent terpene profile compared to organic growing in a living soil.

That’s my 2 cents.