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What else do you grow in your garden?

Hey there @Hobbyist ! Wondering if any of you grow your own food? In these uncertain times, it seems like a lot of people are looking into sustainable gardening for food. Who’s experienced? What are some tips for sustainable food growth? Tell us about your “other” gardens :slight_smile:


We got most of our herbs and veggies sprouted, we try to grow as much as we can in our small plot so we can fresh pack as much as possible. Wanting to start an aquaponics set up too this year.


After this year I’m going to have backyard LoL… Until then we plan on building a little outside garden with this space by end of April on our patio…right now it’s just my wife’s succulent garden and my outdoor RUNTZ

I hate how people are calling this “uncertain times”… Everything is certain… We are on lockdown for for atleast another 30 days that’s certain … And it’s certain after all of this covid 19 shit society won’t be the same anymore after everyone is “practicing social distancing” I say we need a revolution… “They” are stopping it by separating us… The flu kills thousands each year… The h1n1 virus killed over 10’000 Americans with 65 million infected but in 2009 when that hit did they try to lockdown anything… No they didn’t life went on as normal … I’ve been tested and I’m apparently immune to covid 19… I immediately asked can my blood help make a cure… They took a couple viles


Are you certain?


Yes about a month and a half ago I was really sick… Not flu sick… Exact symptoms they talk about… Dr said I beat it and chances of me getting infected are slim to none… Think about it this hit way before anyone new about it… Going to say it one last time… Research the new world order and secret societies… Especially illuminate… The brotherhood of the snake and skull and bones society is our downfall… Masses are def and blind they show you what they want you to see


You didn’t see death the way u r seeing it now. If we did nothing there would b over 2 million Americans dead. The attitude you have towards this virus is what makes it deadlier than it already is. If we do what we are doing we can keep the death to possibly 150k - 200k. That’s a huge difference.


Watching the news @justgrowin…not to be a dick but sounds like what every news media thread or channel is saying… Shades of truth sister


And don’t trust anyone who tells u that u are immune to this. It’s been around and studied in humans for a whopping 3 months. Since Dec. no one knows if u can get a different strain or if u can get it again. They are “guessing” it’s like other viruses that you get an immunity to after having it. BUT it’s a NOVEL virus. They KNOW NOTHING


It’s not the news. It’s what’s happening globally. These are people. Not news stories.


Along with the 10 thousand lives lost to the h1n1 in 2009… Think about the bigger picture please… 2 words population control… @justgrowin don’t have the fear they want you to have… We can go on for days but all said and done… The governments have strategy in place to control the masses minds… In a month everything will be hunky dory again only thing is they mind fucked the entire world

So u think? Contagion is real. They’ve been warning of a contagion like this for a long time. We just got lucky enough to have a tool like Trump to deal with it when it happened. The perfect storm

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Zeka and Ebola could have done the same thing to us had Obama acted like they were a hoax

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Its certain that our lives are controlled by the so called elite families and people… you must know their tactics to beat them and illuminate yourself and really live freely… All I’m going to say… Some get it some don’t

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Rest assured there are people fighting for your true freedom… Music is a powerful weapon against it


I grown my own vegetables. And i built my own greenhouse. I am also trained in living off the land. Preservation of of food making my own clothes. Preserves and watherbath canning as well as pressure canning. I have a root cellar and i propogate my own vegetables every year.



You got it going on!!


That is some impressive work @preybird1


Thankyou i love gardening. And i love to grow weed and vegetables and fruit.


Ok so tips for gardening.
Do not eat that last veggie!

  1. leave it alone and let it go to seed. Or bolt/flower too seed.
  2. Take the seeds out clean them and dry them out for 1-2 weeks.
  3. Put them into bags labed and dated.
  4. Potatoes can live for more than a year inside in a sack downstairs. When they grow eyes they live off of the potatoe until it is consumed. You can cut 1 potatoe that has many eyes into pieces and each piece has an eye. Now each piece with an eye is now a plant.

Wow brother, that’s a really nice setup you’ve got there. I love the greenhouse! Been thinking about building one for awhile now, but am finally going to do it this summer…after the hardware and lumber stores reopen. Lol.