What’s eating her?

Went to LST this lady that I took out of tent to put 2 others into flower that are further along and now something is eating her but see nothing around locally that otherwise would indicate the vermin… any clues? This is what leaves look like…

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Hi! Are those actual holes in the leaves or spots? Can’t tell from picture. I assume they are holes since you know better. Do you have a cat? LOL … do you use any insect, etc. repellent? Maybe put some yellow stickies in the plant to see what sticks to them?


Yes holes, no cat. Haven’t used any repellant as I do don’t see any pests. May see gnats here and there maybe they are the culprit


Looks like it was up against the tent wall and the leaves got wet as the plants breathes which causes water or moisture to sit between the leaf and the wall. That part of the leaf thats wet gets used to the moisture all the time. Then it dries up one time and zap the spots that are moist all the time dry out super fast. Thats what I see. Thats not bug bites its dried out.

Edit: also 90% of the cannabis pests attack under the leaves where the stomas/pores of the leaf are. This is where the leaves breath and sweat and regulate themselves. If its on top of the leaf you would see thrips. It woukd be a major infestation usually to see pest on top of leaves. They like to hang on the top of the leaves in the center viens on the leafs. And they can jump and fly there bad.


Heres an example of one thats doing this on my healthy plant.

You can see the water under the leaf. Well when i open the tent it dries out. Needs more air or more room here.


Might be aphids.

Because aphids have 16 life stages even I have thought oh those are just some gnats. Well ended up being aphids and now I’ve been fighting them this whole summer. If they are aphids then Monterey Garden Horticulture Oil works great as an insect killer. And then follow up with neem. That has worked the best for us so far. As well as introducing lady bugs. But it’s been hard getting ahold of lady bugs. Have some on order but they haven’t shown up when they were supposed to so I might even get a refund at this point! Good luck to you!


If they are root aphids they will be in the soil itself like fungus gnat larvae but they go deeper and their damage looks like nutritional issues. If they are plant aphids you’ll need to ID which kind they are the Cannabis Aphid is much more difficult to control that say the Green Peach Aphid, Azadactrin works well as a control agent, Suffoil X is another. Lacewings are a good choice as a biological


Ok so your first thing, buy some yellow sticky traps to catch anything walking around or flying.

Take a leaf flip it over and take a scope and look for bugs.

And then from there, if you find a bug, take a pic and we will help you find a good ipm system for you.


I would take a loupe and look very closely under your leaves for a almost clear looking bug. Very difficult to find but worth the time looking for them. When u find it take a pic and post it we will be glad to help u cure ur problem


No bugs are present and now has stopped so maybe some kind of defect or something.

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This may help if you do end up seeing some aphids just in case. If not hopefully you don’t end up with this hassle. Anyways hope the plants just overcame whatever it was and are pushing on strong!