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What’s your security plan?

What do you use for physical security at your store? Do you employ a security service or have in-house security guards?

What sort of security software and hardware are you currently using? Do you like it, or would you like to try something else?


@hardcarsecurity - You can definitely help us out here! He was telling me about some really cool patrolling robots.


Sure what do you need…?

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Not sure how to help here

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Hey, sorry for taking a while to respond.

What kind of security should dispensaries generally employ?

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If they haven’t even started yet - i.e. ground zero - I would have them
hire a security consultant. The industry is fraught with guys who sell
cameras and monitoring systems to people at hefty prices. Its best to
start with someone like Saphire Group- Tony Gallo’s team is great. They
are impartial to equipment manufacturers.

Or have a security audit done by a firm. Either way - it depends on what
stage someone is at. Budget and risk factors in the area they are going to
have a location. Compton in CA, would have a higher risk profile.

The basic systems are all in the regulated license requirements. The added
security comes with a cost - so it really varies per client.

We like automated systems like robotics and video analytics - they reduce
costs and increase security on locations. Our partner in that space is

Hope that helps.



Let us know how we can help answer some of your security questions.

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What makes @SapphireRisk the preferred security service for cannabis professionals?

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