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What to do with all that trim?


So after a while I end up with a lot of trim that’s almost good enough to roll and enjoy…

but that’s something I don’t bother with since I usually have plenty of much better flower to use.
I usually make a batch or two of good ol’ ice water hash, but I’m starting to make more hash than I end up using and want to try some other things out.
Here’s what I’m thinking about doing…

  • Ethanol Quick Wash (I’ve done this quite a bit with flower with mixed results… I think it depends on the flower/strain… this is close to what I do now)
    I plan to pack as much as I can lightly into a quart container and place it in the freezer along with the ethanol I plan to use.
    After pouring the ethanol into the container, I’ll place it back in the freezer for 3 minutes, then I’ll drain the liquid into a large pyrex dish.
    I’ll do this 2 or 3 more times, then cover the pyrex dish with something that allows air flow but keeps out dust (silk screen) and let it sit for several days where it can vent well.
  • Canna-Butter … there are a lot of different ways, I plan to go with a double-boiler and let it simmer there a while and then pass it through a fine wire mesh.
  • Canna-Oil … again there are a lot of ways to do it, but I’ll probably do it similar to the butter and plan to use extra virgin olive oil.

I won’t do any sort of open blast like processing and I’m simply not ready to look at actually getting a closed loop system set up… Although I’m quite interested in closed loop systems, I want to make sure that whatever I do is legal in my state and complies with local regulations (don’t want to blow myself up or get fined).

I’ve read about folks having good luck with rosin pressing with flower, but I’m totally failing to find much on it using trim…

If you’re using something above, how’s it working out for you? (any tips or care to share your process)

What other things are folks doing with their trim?

What’s worked best for you all with your trim?

Thanks for sharing!


All of the above, it just depends on how much effort I want to put into it. It all works wonderfully to use that sugary trim.

If I use it in Budder, I’ll use 4-5 times the weight of trim as I would flower, w/o increasing the amount of oil.


I enjoy having a supply of sugary trim in the freezer. Makes the hot dogs smell and taste great. I have a friend who has a press and will make me rosin anytime. Another buddy does the butane process and makes very good shatter. I have yet to make any budder’s or oils but that’s my next learning curve. I am getting ready to make some ice water hash soon and clean out my supply of trim to make room for new harvests on the horizon. So far, hash making has been what all of my trim has gone towards. Keep on keeping them green and thanks for sharing these ideas.


Here’s what I have come to do with my trim should I have time to do something further than making hash.
I start with fresh live trim (same day as harvest , freeze as you trim so as to keep super fresh)buy some dry ice (don’t need much gos a long ways) put trim and dry ice in your largest bubble bag and slowly toss in bag till the trichomes start to detach easily (I use a large glass table to shake over) the longer you shake the more plant matter you will get(it is verry minimal as it is made from live trim. Presto you have live resin!! Tastiest hash resin ever!! Then from here you can make several great products… First you can make frosin just wrap the trichomes in coffee filter and press in parchment , Presto frosin(the rosin is super high in terps .or you can dry it up and make a ethanol extraction in the freezer from the hash(after drying it’s just hash at this point still super tasty tho) after a good soak I run the solvent they a charcoal filter and then I use a stainless pot to winterize the filtered product (put the pot in freezer on a slab of dry ice) then I put in a pyrex pan and cover with a fine screen or silk screen and leave to evaporate .then I scrape up the evaporated product and put on a piece of PTFE(Teflon) and put in my vac chamber and put on a heating pad and Runa super low vacuum for about 6 more hrs.


Oh yea forgot you need to filter the winterized product thru a coffee filter after you let it set on the dry ice for a cpl hrs


Just leave it with me, I’ll take care of it. :yum:


I have a good friend who is both a retired University professor of food science (Cal Poly SLO) and is now the staff scientist for a commercial operation in SLO county called TruePharma: a medical cannabis manufacturing and sales company. He also is a fan of cannabis and beat his prostate cancer with it.

Here’s his recommendation for ethanol extraction: first you want to extract as little chlorophyll as possible (bitter taste) and the best way they found to do that is to soak in the freezer this way–

Place measured amount of ethanol (1 oz per gram) in the freezer. Place flower (or trim) in freezer as well (Do NOT grind any plant material). Wait until at temp then mix the two, shaking vigorously for 30 seconds. Leave in the freezer for between 45 and 60 minutes max. This will dissolve 99% of the oils in the plant material. Then; dry per whatever scheme you have handy. I did this with some WW flower and it was magnificent.

Butter: I use coconut oil because it presses out of the plant material with less waste than butter. I normally shake kief with flower (dry ice method) and then decarb the remainder along with my trim (this is my primary use for trim) and cook that for 4 hours in a crock pot with a tablespoon of lecithin added and a cup of water to regulate temps. This is then strained through muslin and allowed to cool, separated and put into 4 oz blocks and frozen. I make home made brownies for my sleep aid and they WORK!


With trim, I’m a fan of making bubble hash (I prefer dry ice) and then smashing it with a heated press. Most of the time I throw away my trim these days, but some strains the extract is too good to just throw it away.

I also use trim to make cannabudder for baking.


That’s me too but these last 3 plants had some bitchin’ sugar so I kept em. Do you get a meaningful amount of hash off the trim? I need to do a kief run this week.


Well, the last time I did something like 4 one gallon bags of fresh frozen and I got like 30g of bubble hash. I had been using the hash for baking and QWET extractions.


I have also read about some people making dry rub kief using a Trim Bin or other set-up with a 150-220 micron screen. I have never done this myself, but I just bought a piece of screening so I can make a kief box to use for rubbing out super sugary trim. Sploosh!

I just gathered my trim from the last 3 plants I harvested, no larf or anything, only leaf matter that had any hint of snow:

Planning on trying the dry rub method on the most resinous stuff & I’ll make Budder out of the rest.


I got hooked on dry ice using a 72 micron screen and never looked back. I’m almost out and need to do another run.


Wow. The things you could do with that. :yum:


I want to do that, but I don’t have easy access to dry ice where I live. I have heard great things, though! Seems dry ice is less hassle than the ice/water mess of regular bubble bags? Not knocking bubble bags, just the mess. I love bubble hash.


You only use one bag, need a good sizes piece of glass (my neighbor was throwing away a big sheet of glass and I snagged it years ago: perfect! I freeze my plant material and add about 1/3 pound or so along with a dozen quarters to help agitate then do the “shake weight” maneuver for 5 minutes. Load a bowl and smoke it right after, too.

I get my dry ice at the grocery store but ice cream shops usually have some in their shipment. Often you can get plenty for no cost. Or the cost of an ice cream cone lol.


Bonus: dry ice and munchies! :yum:


Exactly! Post must be 10 characters blah blah blah lol.


Making some quick wash tincture, today. I have 200 grams of sugar trim decarbing in mason jars in the oven at 240°F. After it’s done and is cooled I’ll:

  1. Add enough frozen Ever Clear to just cover the material & tighten lid.

  2. Shake the heck out of it for about 3 minutes.

  3. Place it in the coldest part of the freezer for an hour, then shake vigorously, and refreeze for another hour.

  4. Remove from freezer, shake vigorously & strain.

  5. Rinse remaining material with another shot or 2 of Ever Clear.

  6. To evaporate alcohol: place liquid in shallow glass pie pan & leave in a warm, dark place for several days. You can use a warming plate to gently heat it, but too much heat makes disgusting tasting tincture.

When it’s the consistency of sugar water/watery honey, it’s ready for most uses. It should be a golden color, not green & not black.

Don’t forget to have plenty of ventilation!


Hey, don’t forget to pull off all the stray calyxes from the branches, too. I had a box of branches from my last 2 grows that I was saving to do this with. Waste not, want not!

Will go into the tincture.


I always really liked watching the funky skunk guys process of making hash

Trim bin works pretty well. It’s great for “catching” but this can get really good results if your a fan of kief/hash which I’m not except to coat buds with

This guy “kills it” in a dry ice run in this short video @turnernathaniel