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What to do with "Grassy" tasting weed

First indoor grow produced an airy sativa (bag seed) that has a definite summer lawnmower flavor – even after curing… I would really appreciate ANY suggestions on what I can do with it or make out of it. (Fortunately it’s only about an ounce.) Thank you!!

Make butter . and it was probably the genetics of the bag seed


If it smells like that u didn’t dry it all the way and have to much moisture w organic material put it in a paper bag for a cppl days the small should subside after 3 days and to re moisture put a 58 boveda pack in a vac seal containers it’s works for me I’m the past

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Iv watched so many good grows go down the toilet kuz people don’t have the drying experience wich is a process and has changed over the years but the do make grove bags iv trimmed pounds at 60 percent moisture in my dryer room for 6 days and jus tossed them In a grove bag w a 62 and had it cure perfectly I jus didn’t touch it for 21 days

The grove bags are worth it but kinda expensive

Ive also heard if you have way to much nitrogen( toxicity levels with waxy leaves) that makes it grassy but I agree butter or extracts

Thank you everyone for your input!!

I hung to dry for about a week and then cured it in large canning jar. According to the temp/humidity reader – its 64% and 76’ in there. Its about 3 months old now and still too grassy for me.

I have tried cannabutter twice before and just not happy with any of the results. Seems like a lot of waste & time for a very little end effect. Maybe opt for a different carrier oil…

Cure it with a 62% boveda or integra… burp daily for 10 days… hell I have to cure in 5 gallon buckets…lol…


Hello. I’ve had this problem with my first harvest. Came to the conclusion that it had dried too fast. Dried enough that it didn’t convert all the sugars like it was supposed to. Even at a week it might have been dry in a couple days and was dried enough not to do it conversions. If u happen to feel the buds on the outsides are feeling nice and dry and its only been w or 3 days put everything in jats or air tight buckets and jeep burping them frequently to slow down the dry process. I did this and the same plants had such a diff bette r taste smell and high. It slowed down the dry and gave it time to convert chlorophyll s into sugars. U have to constantly move the bud around and make sure no stale air in the containers until u can leave the containers closed for 24 hrs and not exceed 62rh. One u can leave it in and not go over 62rh for 24 hrs then store it in a cool dark place to cure. Remember to open alot and move around alot sometimes take buds out and leave out for 10 minutes maybe depending. Keep a hygro meter in the. Ucket


Thank you very much for your response. You’ve covered the drying process differently then I have read about. Next time I will try this approach. (I am thinking you may be right about it drying to fast before I put it in the jar.)

Just make sure u often check the jars til humidity dont seem to jump high real quick. Dont want to cause mold or mildew or rot issues. It worked for me on 5 plants this grow. The taste smell look profile everything about the plants was so much better all around and itll only get better with time. Good luck

What % should the yield be dried to before you can seal them into the grove bags? I can’t find much info on them before buying…

Your welcome

@ziggyco. Once u can keep the buds in a jar or airtight container for 24 hrs and the rh not exceed 62% u will b fine to store it long term. Hope this helps bud

Doesn’t get any better than that, Thank You!

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How does curing work in those? Was considering putting in an order. So my understanding is that they cut out the whole burping process needed with jars?

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Ok so anything over 50% could be damaging at the wrong temps so my process has been this and I’m only telling u guys this kuz I love cannabis . 5 to 7 day’s in ur dryer don’t let your drying room get over 74 degrees anything more than that’s creates breeding room for bacteria and go low and slow check ur hydrometers and tweek ur humidifier and dehumidifier to property moisture for ur drying wich I do 55% for about 6 days str8 on the 6 days dry trim if u can them as soon as they dry trim is done immediately pout the budds right into the grove bag use ur proper humidity pack for weight and seal it then place them where u place ur products do not open that bag for 14 to 21 days jus let it sit this is a game of patience and disapline and the less u touch that grove bag the better than herbs guna come out trust me I woodnt lead u down a wrong path


And I’m saying 55% in th drying room not the bud so I actually don’t use a moisture meter for bailing or harvest I just my ear sound is vibration vibration is sounds so once u do 1 cure properly and u take bud and put it to ur ear it should cometletly crush and fall apart should almost sound spongey w small snaps to hear veins braking in the bud to complete a cure


They make things so easy my friend

ive been following your replies, in this forum, thanks a lot, very helpful. peace and love.