What's in that Arizona Iced Tea can?!?

Arizona Iced Tea and Dixie Brands, Inc. are joining forces to offer a unique infused product pairing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Denver-Based Dixie Brands Inc will manufacture lines of vaporizers, tinctures, candies, drinks and creams to be rolled out in dispensaries in five U.S. states.

This is a bold move for the privately-held Arizona brand, which has been steadily losing U.S. market share over the last decade. Publicly-held companies would not be able to make such a move under current banking laws, but the SAFE Banking Act (H.R. 1595) could fix that issue.

What do you think, folks? Are we on the precipice of more interesting mergers and acquisitions? Will I finally get those Faded Funyuns or that Chronic Chex Mix pairing I’ve always dreamed about? I have a recipe for the latter already if you’re interested :yum:

Let’s have some fun with this: what epic pot pairings would you like to see with legal weed?


Tried an infused sparkling water on a recent trip through Denver. Made me wish more companies were coming up with offerings like that, so this news is compelling! Hopefully there’s some good things in the works! :v: