White Widow dwc

So I didn’t have time to keep track of my last 1s trying to get my system all dialed in.
Getting a late start on this journal but I’ll keep it consistent from now on.
These were the last plants living out of 6 White Widow seeds from ILGM. The 1st 3 were in rockwool and didn’t do well. I started these 3 in peat pellets. I didn’t have my root riot plugs yet. I neglected to start feeding these plants their base nutes’s 4 2 weeks. Rookie hydro mistake. As you can see there looking a little under nourished. I’m trying to catch up, but I don’t want to push them and burn emm…

If my veg tent was up and running they would already be in there. But I don’t have my light yet. Setting up a hydro perpetual garden from scratch is a little spendy. I wanted total control of my environment so it’s cost a little extra.
Except my seedling station. I just kind of threw this thing together from things I had laying around the house.
My little one’s are going in their buckets Monday. Just needed to finish my drying, then I can take everything down and apart to do my deep clean.
I just started using my Sensi Grow A and B, .5 ml/L, and Voodo Juice, .5 ml/L. I use RO ph’d at 6.0 I had just been using GH Rapid Start and Voodoo Juice. But I don’t like how some bottom leaves are starting to yellow. Would anyone say a Nitrogen deficiency? They’re at least a week past when I would have liked to have them in their buckets getting their Veg feedings, and better light and climate conditions.
Got the little 1s in there homes for the next 11 weeks or so. I’m going to Veg for 21 days then flip my lights to my 12-12 schedule.
Running Sensi Grow 1ml/L B52 .5ml/L Voodo Juice .5ml/L Pirahana .5ml/L Tarantula .5ml/L Bud Candy .5ml/L
Not looking as healthy as they were a couple days ago. Lack of enough Nutes, or h20?
They’re in a great environment now.
My lights on temp is at 74f, RH 60%, h20 temp is 66f, h20 ph 6.0

They’ve percked up after a couple days in their new homes and are continuing to grow.
I adjusted my H20 temp to 68f and ph is still 6.0. Daytime air temp has been at 76, and nighttime at 68. RH 60%.

It looks like I might be seeing a deficiency on my newest sets of leaves? I slight yellowing in between the veins. I added an extra cal-mag support to the nutrients I’m running, but these plant are now 3 weeks old. I really appreciate the tip on that too, @devjyarn! Do you see a possible deficiency in any of these. I was late adding my base nutes’s to my feeding schedule to begin with. But everything’s running like it should be now. Same climate, daytime 76f nighttime 68, 60 rh, h2o 68f ph 6.0.

This is the beginning of week 2 day 7 of veg.
Running all advanced nutrients.
Changed out my reservoir today, now running .5ml/L Sensi Cal-mag, 2ml/L Sensi grow, 1ml/L B52, 1ml/L Voodo Juice, 1ml/L Piranha, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud candy, 1ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino skin.
Lights on 18/6 schedule.
Increased my blue spectrum light to 80%, red spectrum is at 50%.
Daytime air temp 78f, nighttime 68, RH 58%. H2O temp 68f, ph 6.1, 688 ppm.
All 3 plants now have at least 1 root down in the h2o.

Day 9 of veg
Topped all my plants today when their lights came on 13 hrs ago.
Daytime temp 78f, nighttime 68, 56% RH, h2o temp 68f ph 6.0 ppms 774.
Everything’s running smooth with my environment and equipment so far. My new growth is coming in healthier but still has a slight yellowing between the veins. I’m hoping to have that deficiency lessened by the time I go into flower, since I’ve been adding the extra cal-mag to my nutrients.
Day 11 of Veg.
I should have waited till today to top my left and middle plants. I stressed my middle plant pretty good, and the left a little. They were pretty saggy and sad 4 24 hrs.
My environments been running the same daytime temp 78f, nighttime 68, 56% RH, h20 temp 68-69, ph 6.1, ppms 768.

Day 14 Veg
Switched out my nutrients today so I’m running .5 ml/L Sensi Cal-Mag, 3ml/L Sensi grow, 1ml/L B52, 1mL/L Voodo juice, 1ml/L Piranha, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 1ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino skin.
Turned my blue spectrum up to 100% and red spectrum to 60%. Daytime temp 79-80f, nighttime 69f 55% RH, h2o temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 991.

Day 16 Veg
All my plants are growing nice and strong again. My right plants new tops are looking great and I’m going to top it 1 more time tomorrow. My middle plant regrew where I topped it so I have 3 tops on that plant. I’m leaving it alone. My left plant ended up being more of a Fimming, cuz I really fucked it up! The new nodes and everything got removed. Idk how?? I’m always so careful. But its knew groth is coming in fast now and kind of funky so I’m leaving it alone also.
The Cal-mag and B52 is pretty dark and is coating some of my roots, but they’re a nice and healthy white color when rinsed off.
Daytime time 79-80f, nighttime 69f, RH 55%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 1013.

(upload://c7Njf929b9ZwREmQk1gMVWajjgq.jpeg) !
I love my Inkbird temp/hum control! I only use it 4 my humidity settings. Makes it so easy to adjust RH from day to day.

I’m going to drop my screen over them in another day or 2. My little water chiller was struggling to keep my temp below 70f so I wrapped things up in a insulating bubble wrap. No problem anymore. I can’t afford a nice active aqua water chiller right now. Plus the amps they pull would b a problem 4 my room and it’s not needed anymore.

Day 18 Veg
It was time to drop my screen down. My right plant had hit its mark. New tops after topping this week are growing great. Middle and left plant are doing great also, but a little behind after having 48 hrs stunted growth from topping them too soon.
Daytime temps 80-81f, nighttime 69-70, rh 55%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 1021.

This plant is the only 1 that showing its calcium deficiency. It’s got small brown spots on a couple of it’s lower leaves.
I decided to pull my screen up and give my plants 2 more days to grow before starting to train them on my screen. I’m going to fasten my branches to the screen with garden twine, instead of tucking.
I really only have the space 4 2 plants, but I squeezed an extra in to try and take as much advantage as I can of our 4 plant limit law. That’s why I’m scrogging, super cropping and keeping my Veg time short.
I went 4.5 weeks on my GDP and almost ran out of room.

Day 20 Veg
So my left plant is showing the most signs of its cal-mag deficiency. They all have it and my right plant showed its first sign. I’m going to drop my screen down after I switch out it my reservoir tomorrow and start filling it in. I’ll end up flipping my lights to 12/12 cycle later this week. All depends on how soon I fill my canopy in? Took 1 more pic of my roots for now. No more till after my chop. I’ll still be able to pop my lids and pull my air stones out to check them. Not letting them get clogged up again.
Daytime temp 80-81f, nighttime 69-70f, rh 55%, ph 5.9, h20 temp 68-69f, ppms 975. Saw a little burn on the tip of some new leaves so I pulled my ppms back a little.

Day 21 Veg
Switched out my nutrients today to my bloom lineup.
1ml/L Sensi cal-mag, 3ml/L Sensi bloom, 1ml/L Voodo Juice, 1ml/L Piranha, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 2ml/L Bud Ignitor, 1.5ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino Skin.
Dropped my screen down today after pulling my air stones out and giving them a good brushing with an old toothbrush.
My left plants cal-mag deficiency has progressed a tiny bit. No signs on my middle plant yet. There’s a couple brown spots on my lowest set of leaves on my right plant.


The next time I fill this tent I’m going to make sure that all the plants are a lot closer in their stage of growth. It’s really going to add to my challenge of getting an even canopy. I pretty much failed last time and had 3-4" drops from 1 side of the tent to the other.
I’m going to try and get it a little more even this time. But that GDP really stretched on me tho…


Are you using a Cal/Mag supplement with your RO water?

I haven’t been. Just using my Sensi grow right now. I didn’t start using it till 5 days ago. Probably a little late. I’m going to order a bottle of cal-mag right now to have on hand.

Use Cal mag wheel to bring the water up to about 250ppm then add your nutes. After NPK, calcium is like the 4th macro nutrient. Tap water usually has enough, so you could also mix tap water with your RO to bring it up to 250ppm in the meantime. Calcium deficiencies won’t show symptoms until about 3 weeks after the problem actually happened.

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I will do that when I switch my nute’s out this week. I think that’ll help this time. I definitely noticed that deficiency last time into flower. But I had some nasty roots I was fighting too. I’ll follow the 250 ppm guide!

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DWC is awesome, but not very forgiving. Looks like you’ve got a great tent and have thought of all of the aspects of growing! You’ll have a great harvest as you dial in your setup.

Thanks for the advice! I should have done a grow journal on my GDP. It would have been nice to have everyone’s help. I barely made it through that grow and learned lots of lessons! Cursed myself for not just sticking with soil a few Xs. It’s so much more work! But I think the rewards in the end are going to be worth it, once I get everything dialed in. Definitely want any advice when I get to starting my scrogg.

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Start training them young, and make sure they fill the full canopy before you switch to flower.

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A calcium deficiency shows up a few weeks after the damage has already been done, unfortunately. So if there was a deficiency the best you can hope for is to not let it happen again. I ran into a pretty bad one with 2 of my plants that are much hungrier and faster growing than the other 2.

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Day 23 Veg

So I finally trained my 1st branches to my screen this morning. I’ll lollipop things in 2 more days, and continue to tie back new growth in the meantime. 24 hrs after lollipoping I’ll throw my lights to 12/12. Haven’t seen any further progression of my cal-mag deficiency on any plants. Just the same as it was 2 days ago. @devjyarn I finally bumped up my ppms to 250 with my cal-mag b4 adding my base. I was doing half that thinking my base would make up 4 it. It wasnt tho.
I’m transitioning my run time to days instead of nights. So I’m running 6p-noon. I’m going to be running longer days so I can get to a 6a-6p schedule in 2 days. I’ll end up going 14 hrs lights out on my 1st switch over to 12/12. Never been a big believer in 24 hrs darkness when flipping lights. B4 harvest, yes!
My lights are running 100% blue spectrum and 75% red. Daytime temp 80-82f, nighttime 69-70f, rh 54%-3%. H20 temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 1077


Day 26 Veg

Still training branches to my screen. I’m using garden twine to fasten my branches and control where they grow. I accidentally snapped a branch when bending it down.I’m going to wait 4 wks b4 flipping my lights to 12/12, so 2 more days.20191116_101150
I went ahead and did a partial lollipoping yesterday. 20191116_080929 20191116_080941
Finished the rest up today.20191116_101219 20191116_101215 20191116_101210 20191116_101241 20191116_101248

My environment is 80-82f daytime, 69-70f nighttime, rh 54%-3%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 1117. My lights are running 100% on all spectrum’s now.


Looking damn good !!!

Thanks! I still have some work to do on my scrogg technique tho.

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Day 1 Flower

So I went ahead and flipped my lights and I’m running them 7a-7p now. I’m done fastening my branches down. I have 1 straggler, the branch I snapped, that is going to stick up above the rest. I was able to fasten it down below the snap, but it didn’t pull it down much. I flushed my system with 10 gallons of 6.0 ph h20 @ 68f. 12 gallons fills my system.
I’m running the same line up of nutrients as last week.
1ml/L Sensi cal-mag, 3ml/L Sensi Bloom, 1ml/L Voodo Juice, 1ml/L Piranha, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 2ml/L Bud ignitor, 1.5ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino Skin.
Daytime temp 80-82f, nighttime 69-70f, Rh 53%-2%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 5.8, ppms 1036.

This is as good as my screen is getting filled this time. When I set my buckets up I didn’t account for my screen. So when I’m done with this run I’m taking it apart and setting it up more evenly under the screen. I already have my 1" tubing to reassemble the system.
I actually like the way my FIMMed plant filled in the most out of all of them!


Day 5 flower
I super cropped my straggler branch that I snapped and a couple others I didn’t get fastened down to my screen. My cal-mag deficiency is still evident in my left plant, but only that 1. The others look good. I peeked at my roots and they are really filling in my buckets and they’re nice and white. I’m just going to post weekly’s after today.

Daytime temps 80-83f, nighttime 69-70f, RH 52%±3%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 6.0, ppms 1081. I am using my top off reservoir and I keep that h20 at 66-70f with little frozen water bottles, and a ppm of 491.

I had to super crop most of my new tops that have grown from my branches after fastening them, otherwise they’ll stretch above everything else in the next few weeks. I’ll do the rest tomorrow, so I dont stress my ladies! Oh ya, I’ve sexed them.


Day 8 Flower

Switched out my reservoir today. This week I’m running 1ml/L Sensi cal-mag, 3ml/L Sensi Bloom, 1ml/L Voodo Juice, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 1ml/L Big Bud, 2ml/L Bud Ignitor, 1ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino Skin. I run bud ignitor the last week of veg and 1st 2 weeks of bloom. My plants are all growing well and I’m still only seeing a cal-mag deficiency in my left plant. The other 2 are doing fine now. I haven’t seen any problems with their older leaves.

They’re stretching nice and strong.

My screens filled in nicely and my canopy is pretty even for the most part. There are a couple spots that are a little behind on it’s height, but not as drastic as my 1st scrogg attempt.
I really wish I had more room for a larger tent. Unfortunately I’m in a 1 bedroom right now and all I can spare is my closet and space on the floor next to it for my veg tent.
My daytime temps running 80-82f, nighttime 68-70f, rh 52%±3%, h20 temp 68-69f, ph 5.7, ppms 961.
My ph ran 5.9-6.0 most of the week and my ppms were up to 1181.
I’ll be upping my base nutes’s next week and a couple others.


I’m getting ready to germinate my next crop. I decided against taking clones from these plants because they aren’t the healthiest from the cal-mag issues I’ve had with all of them from the beginning. I’m trying to decide whether to run some Northern Lights or LSD? Not ready to try a multiple strain grow yet. Either way I’m going to do a journal following them through my 1st run with my dwc perpetual garden.

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NL is my suggestion… but it is your grow… and LSD other then the hallucinogen doesn’t appeal to me…

I was leaning towards the NL. It is 1 of my all time favorite strains!

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It is one of mine also… I am washing and making hash from Gigabud (northern lights x bigbud) and big bud is one of my favourite also…