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🔴 Win a Gavita Light, a Bottle of Radix, and $250 credit to Growers House



Growers Network is running a viral "refer a friend" give away for the month February to drive more quality members to our forum.

The giveaway URL -

The actual give-away is run through the "Gleam. io" app we use that randomly chooses a winner. But the cool thing is the more actions you take and the more people you refer the more chances you have to win the actual give-away.

Here is what the give-away offer will look like:

:red_circle::red_circle: SPECIAL EXTRA REWARD for current Growers Network Members

We have built in an exclusive to Growers Network Members ONLY extra reward based on the "Refer Friends for Extra Entries" step of the Give-Away


On this step, everyone gets a coded URL that tracks How many people you refer that ALSO enters the give-away. So, the Growers Network Member that Refers the MOST people who fully enter at the end of the competition period will ALSO be rewarded a $250 Coupon Credit to to be applied to any purchase you choose. This $250 Coupon is ONLY available to current Growers Network members as an extra incentive to share this give-away.

So what this means to you is, NOT ONLY does every Growers Network member who enters this give-away also have a chance to win a Gavita Pro 1650E LED light and 1 liter / 32.oz bottle of Radix rooting stimulator, but whichever Growers Network Member refers the most people who also enters the give-away will also win a $250 coupon credit to

A few Notes on this Give-away and the steps to take to enter the giveaway to ALSO be eligible for the $250 coupon code.

1.Please complete EVERY step of the give-away except first step of Join Growers Network step- We understand that you are already a member here, so we don’t need to track that particular step for current Growers Network members. Make sense?

  1. Every step will still get you extra entries whether you are a current member or not except for current Growers Network members filling out the “Join Growers Network” step. To overcome the entry points that current members will NOT earn on the “Join Growers Network” step, just refer more people with the “Refer Friends For Extra Entries” step.

  2. It will be possible that a referred Non-Member can win the actual give-away, but NOT the extra bonus $250 coupon credit to Growers House.

  3. Any new referred member from this give-away who does join Growers Network will be eligible to win the giveaway but NOT the $250. credit to Growers House.

  4. When referring members, please focus on referring current professional growers and other cannabis related business owners.

  5. ONLY REAL ENTRIES ALLOWED… The Gleam. io app has some anti-fraud features built in as checking for multiple entries from the same IP, double checks that email addresses are real, and even will confirm that actions are taken to count the actual entry. This said, PLEASE , to protect the integrity of this giveaway contest, only share it with REAL people and real audiences.

Here are some ideas where to post your refer a friend link to get as many referrals as possible:

  • Cannabis Growers related Facebook groups

  • Cannabis growers related subreddits on Reddit

  • Any other professional Cannabis related forums you may be a member of that allows such posts.

  • Across all social media profiles that you may have access to where there are some professional Cannabis growers (Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, snapchat, etc.)

  • DO NOT SEND SPAM but if you have access to an opt-in email list feel free to email your link to them. Likewise, with any personal address book people who you think would be interested.

  • Post the link to a personal website. If you have a personal website, feel free to post it to your web site as well.

So, to sum up, every member here who enters the giveaway completely, will not only have a chance to win the actual giveaway but will also have the ability to win the $250 coupon credit to The extra bonus of this $250 credit is only available to current Growers Network member who refer the most people who in turn complete the entries in the giveaway.

I will post updates in this thread once a week of who is in the lead for the most referrals so we can get some friendly competition going.

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread. Please have patience if we run into some possible , yet unlikely, hiccups. This is a new thing we are testing out to see how much all of you like this gamification on the forum and the chance to win really cool stuff.

For now, go start this process by entering the giveaway yourself by going to the Give-away page here:

Good luck and Thank you for your participation.


Keith - The Digital Marketing dude at Growers Network


Can GN admins win? J/K :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck everyone!


Should we ‘target’ anyone?

Or only professional, commercial growers?


Hey @vritzka Volker, we would like to target primarily “professional, commercial growers”.




Plz give a lil guy like me to win something I only dream of :maple_leaf::maple_leaf:


Entered. hope to win.


@memberdirectory Hey just wanted to highlight this on the give away


That increases your odds of winning.

We are off to a roaring start so far…




I subscribed to the Youtube channel yesterday but both days it has said subscription not found. :confused:


I will double check the app and will certainly give you credit for the subscribe if it is not registered as you have on my end. Can you PM me a screen shot of what you are seeing that says you are not subscribed please?


@dlmcgehee did you go to this channel page?

If you can send a screenshot of what you see to @keith or @Growernick, we will try and fix anything that is not working.


this would be a amazing win. I could so use this…


I’ve sent a picture, not sure why it isn’t working but I’m sure it will get figured out :slight_smile:


Yep on it… Thanks for the screen shot. much appreciated.


That’s why you’re the best!


we can add GIFs and MEMEs aslong as not offensive?

And what about like signatures? any art guys interested in making a few?


Who won? I could use this for sure…


No one yet… 2 days left.