“You Will Not Get Rich Quick, And Might End Up Losing More Than You Started



It’s true there are many variables that don’t make it to the business plan and will need to be addressed all the same. I think one good point that was made was the value in knowledge gained from years of doing the work. I believe this will trip up big business as they enter the industry.
I think it’s unrealistic to think that one person can know enough about every aspect of the business to be effective. Coming from another green industry I’ve learned you can’t do everything and do it at a high level. There are people with pHds in entomology or growing turf more or less arbor culture, landscape arcatecture and on and on. People think that because you have a truck and wheelbarrow that you should be able to all of these things and know how to run a business too. Do what you do well and let others do what they do well. This is a tough business and you have to be great if you want to be successful.


That is some of the best, and most practical business advice anybody can give or receive right there.


Loved this interview! Thanks!

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The two major problems on the horizon are increased supply causing a drop in market price combined with an inability to ship interstate because of Federal laws.
The other is the rising cost of virtually everything required due to increased demand by start ups and rising oil prices driving both heating and fertilizer costs up.
Stuck in that pinchers movement, many producers are going to lose money until economic policies change or market consolidation buys up the smaller inefficient operations.

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I assume you meant pincers not pinchers

:100: So super true

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