4 Ton Rosin Press

If anyone has experience with rosin presses, I need a straight yes or no answer to this question: Is 4 tons of pressure enough? I think, if my understanding is correct, more pressure allows you to press larger quantities at a time, but if you’re doing small batches (3-5 grams) you don’t need as much pressure? I cant seem to find an answer out there, so I figured I needed to ask someone who knows. Who knows?


Welcome to the Growers Network. There are many folks here that will be able to help you out.

Here are some things to read though while you wait.

I know some guys had a really good discussion on it but it’s inside a thread i can’t find.

Hey welcome to the forum. Should find all the info you need here, just not from me :rofl:

I’m not the best to answer but short and simple - yes 4 ton is all you need. Picked one up a few months ago have had great success doing hash. I’m still working out pressing flower. Still working out time and temp on that. In my 4 ton I’ve pressed as much as 7grams at a time no issues

Perfect. Much appreciated. I dont plan on pressing anything but small batches anyway, so I think a 4 ton might be just right. Thanks so much.

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@tbrant I believe 4 tons is plenty. I never go over 2200. 2500# max for sure. Your ideal pressure is going to be somewhere around 1500#. At least this is from my experience. With 1500# and 195° I’ve been getting at least 20% yeild consistently. Hope this helps.

@PreyBird1 built his own press.

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No i didnt @homey sorry my friend. I could build one easy.vwell see how this mini press works out?
@bullfrog420 did. I haven’t built one sorry. I have small press from fleabay!

You can buy D.I.Y plate and controller kits.

Maybe it was @happilyretired. Happy, you built a press recently, yes?

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That sounds better