AMA with Will Goodin from FlexMOD


Will Goodin is the Director of Business Development at FlexMOD

William is an experienced entrepreneur, real estate investor, cannabis industry consultant, and private money lender with 5 years experience in the cannabis industry and over 15 years experience in commercial, residential and multi-family real estate, construction and development.

As director of business development with FlexMOD Solutions, Will and his team consult clients in the USA and abroad on both extraction facility and cultivation facility design and best construction practices with considerations to code compliance, security, value engineering, maximizing yield, optimizing workflow and minimizing any contamination or crop loss.

Join us Wednesday, August 8th at 11:00 am PST as we welcome Will Goodin for another gripping AMA.

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Looks like some pretty innovative stuff! I imagine there will be plenty of questions flying around here!

I see that you have a pleather of experience in different business rolls which can only equate to an educating and informming AMA! Cant wait to see how this goes!


This looks very cool! What a badass!


Hi Will - Welcome! In what states are you currently working on facility design projects with cultivators?

Kent Jordan
Vice President of Sales
Best Practice Energy
"Northeast Cannabis Facility Energy Procurement Specialists"


Greetings Growers Network! I’m ready to kick off this AMA. Looking forward to answering your questions.

William C Goodin
FlexMOD Solutions


Hi Kent,

Thanks for reaching out. Great question. We are working with clients in most legal states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Why have you decided to support modular design?

Pros? Cons?

Why should owners choose your design over other modular options?


Good morning, Will!

…and good morning GNET @memberdirectory!! Looks like this AMA is kicking off in true Growers Network fashion: EARLY!

It’s great to have you joining us today!

@FlexMOD_solutions, how did you find your way into the design, implementation and deployment of these modular structures?


Has there ever been one that started on time? lol!

It’s cause we are all so eager to learn!


Hi Bryan,

Great question. Modular designs have many benefits including: speed to market, turnkey solutions, accelerated tax depreciation, strict building standards (including sensitivities to compliance) and others. Our clients choose to work with us based on our team’s extensive design/build experience. Our team of architects, engineers and subject matter experts have designed hundreds of cultivation and extraction facilities all over the USA and abroad.


Yeah…no! We ALWAYS start early these days!

We are very eager here at GNET! And we show up early to our appointments! The very epitome of efficiency and professionalism! Love it!

Learn on!


What difficulties and challenges have you experienced with these systems during and after construction?

What are the tangible differences between your methods and traditional constructions methods? Why do you feel these are advantages to me as a farm owner when cost and speed to market are not factored in?

You mentioned a quicker depreciation on taxes, how long after installation does your system need renovation/replacement? Any particular maintenance practices/routines required?


Hi @Growernick,

Great question. We got into the design, implementation, and deployment of our modular structures out of necessity. Many folks getting into this industry are looking to do it quickly and cost-effectively. FlexMOD projects are delivered quickly. Additionally, our engineering team also spends many hours “value-engineering” projects to help identify cost savings so our clients don’t spend more than they have to.



I just wanted to say that as a landlord specifically to the cannabis industry, McKinney Capital and Advisory loves FlexMod! Our clients that order have a much easier time with install, certification, etc. Feel free to hit us up if you ever need help acquiring cannabis facilities, and keep up the great work at Flexmod!

Adam Mintz
Director of Biz Dev


I am not sure how many people are aware that the tax legislation that passed in December made it possible for a taxpayer that is engaged in a trade or business [not a trivial definition with cannabis cultivation], to be able go expense 100% of the cost of a single purpose agricultural structure [a greenhouse] in the year of purchase…that is a HUGE win for the owners…generally, something called a “cost segregation” study is done to be able to document and support the tax reporting position. Has anyone brought up the topic with you?


What distinguishes you from your competition?


Having designed, built and deployed several cultivation containers, I can tell you the problems can be varied and often unforeseen! Especially starting up the business, can you remember any specific instances where a client ran into serious issues with a container?



I know FlexMOD is all about excellent engineering, safety and compliance… What kind of people do you work with to create such a great product and ensure this?


Hi @bryan.eden,

Great questions. We typically do not experience any difficulty during or after construction. On occasion, there are issues with building department plan review which can impact a client’s timeline.

In terms of tangible benefits other than cost and speed to market - there are several. Our systems are quite similar to those used by organizations like Tesla and NASA. Not only are they best-in-class, they are also value engineered with sensitivities to budgets. Additionally, our systems are portable. So whether or not you are leasing land or a building, you can take these systems with you.

Yes, our modular wall systems do have accelerated depreciation. They have a very robust warranty and typically will never need to be replaced. Simply cleaning these walls is the most you’ll need to do to maintain them. They do not rust and they do not have any organic materials within them so you have zero likelihood of mold infestation within them.


Thank you @amintz ! We have clients looking for financing for both our large-scale facilities and our shipping container-based FlexLABs and GrowMODs. I will call you to discuss.