Anybody use the 12-1 growing technique? has a lot of info about how the traditional 18-24 veg and 12/12 we’ve been taught through books and the “common knowledge” out there isn’t correct. This new style says that is Not the right way to grow bud. It’s similar to growing pointsettia and having bright red bracts at Christmas. Totally manipulated via light, or should I say dark…
If you know about this science or have used it I’d love to hear how it cut cost, time, and how it increased your yield.


Interesting. What’s the theory behind this method?

This is from the site

Photoperiodism. Photoperiodism is a biological response to a shift in the proportions of light and dark in a 24-hour cycle.
Photoperiodic plants measure hours of darkness in order to keep track of the seasons and thus flower at an appropriate time of year. The two scientists began classifying plants as long-day plants (LDP), day-neutral plants (DNP), and short-day plants (SDP). Day-neutral plants can flower at any time of year, depending on other conditions.
Long-day plants flower naturally in high summer, when the nights are shortest.
Short-day plants flower naturally when the nights are long: either in early spring or in late summer and early autumn.
Short-day species include chrysanthemums, poinsettias, cosmos, globe amaranth, rice, hyacinth bean, and some varieties of marigold, orchid, and strawberry; as well as and a number of other high-value specialty crops.
Short-day is actually something of a misnomer: short-day plants sense darkness, not light.


This is not the flower stage from what I Understand. 12-1 is for growth and 6/18 are used for flower.

Fewer hours of lighting are required if the dark period is interrupted in the middle of the night,. The light break in the middle of the night restores pfr phytochrome level. Since neither of the two dark periods before or after light break is very long, the pfr level does not diminish sufficiently to permit flowering. 12-1 plants stay in vegetative state, and grow bigger and better with tight nodes.


I like’s attitude. This information, properly surveyed, should make for an interesting visualization based on latitude. I’m thinking something like the ocean current and temperature visualizations from NOAA:
earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions


Anyone tried it?


There’s a Facebook group with lots of members who read all the Grow books of the '80’s '90’s and beyond. I was introduced to Joe and found him to be a breath of fresh air. Ed Rosenthal and high times pushed the 24 veg-12/12 flower for years. At the time I was being detected by electrical usage and decided to use a dawn/dusk using CFL and only Blast my 1000 watt HPS lights for 8 hours a day and needed redundant lighting backup as I automated my system as to cut down visits and throw off anyone monitoring me.
I was surprised when a power strip of CFL was accidentally overloaded or turned off, my partner was last in/out to do a ph adjustment and top off water but when I got to the site the growth was explosive in a 3 week time period. Unfortunately I started experiencing intruders who eventually got evicted but they’d forced a shut down before I got to try the 12/1 for veg.
The pics on FB do show increased yield but these aren’t controlled studies. Just individuals who compared the two. Presuming they used the same nutrients, water, temp, media, and strain, it really looks like they’ve got bigger yields and they claim it was in a shorter time. We all could use an extra harvest or two a year from our current Grow space and the savings on electricity and wear and tear on ballasts, bulbs and cutting down time between harvests is very appealing.


Following the 12/1 and 6/18 technique are the growing periods the same as normal in terms of weeks for Vegetation and Flowering Cycles?


Vegetation is reduced by a lot, flower is same… just you’ll have a bigger plant faster.