Ask Me Anything: Cullen Raichart from GreenBroz [Thursday, Jan 25th, 11 am MST]

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Growers Network is hosting an Ask Me Anything event on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 11 am MST (10 am PST) with Cullen Raichart from GreenBroz!

From GreenBroz Vendor Corner:

GreenBroz Inc. is the cannabis dry harvest company. Our approach to the challenge of dry trimming is focused on quality first and volume second. The gentle rolling action of our GreenBroz Dry Trimmer provides a very tight finish while protecting the potency and natural curves of your beautiful buds.

Our Dry Trimmer blade is set at a precise angle which promotes a gentle rolling of the flowers and is designed to get every part of the bud in the most efficient possible manner – we never tumble. The curve of the dry trimmer blade is designed so that it is just the leaf that is trimmed and not your beautiful flower. Your bud is a canvas, and our dry trimmers are the tools with which you craft your masterpiece.

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer has an intuitive design which allows for ease of use, operation, and cleaning. The GreenBroz Inc. Dry Trimmer is simply a superior product in every way.

GreenBroz contact info:

Web: GreenBroz Automated Dry Trimming & Harvesting Solutions
Instagram: GreenBroz, Inc. (@greenbroz_inc)
Telephone: 844-379-8746

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Cullen Raichart, Founder and CEO of GreenBroz, Inc. has more than 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. A Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, Cullen is driven to create American-made products that offer solutions to the growing cannabis industry.

Prior to founding GreenBroz, Inc., Cullen worked in the corporate world for a Fortune 500 company until realizing his passion for creating innovative products. His goal became to streamline the cannabis harvesting process and, in turn, reduce growers time and costs.

Cullen is considered a distinguished inventor whose drive has earned him a reputation as a pioneer in automation in the emerging agricultural cannabis industry. GreenBroz, Inc. won the inaugural Marijuana Business Pitch Slam in 2014. Cullen’s vision for end-to-end harvesting technology has led GreenBroz, Inc. to become a world leader in automated harvesting solutions.

GreenBroz have @lise.b and @GreenBroz on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them beyond the AMA!

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Feel free to start posting questions now for Cullen and the rest of GreenBroz and looking forward to seeing the community at the AMA! See you on the 25th!


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Hey everyone we’re still set for 11 am MST for the AMA today!

We’re excited for Cullen Raichart @CullenGreenBroz to be joining us for the discussion and wanted to share a quote from him before we kick things off!

“We have always been in the business of offering harvesting solutions to our customers. The point of our business has always been to help cultivators become more successful. Giving people the tools for success has been of paramount importance behind each one of our products. Our motivation comes from a deep rooted desire to see all of our customers succeed and achieve their harvesting goals. We hope that each of our products meets or exceeds every possible expectation that our customers may have."


@CullenGreenBroz Here are some questions for you to answer when you kick off at 11…

I know that you started as a trimming company, but how has GreenBroz evolved over time to offer different types of equipment? In my personal opinion, after talking with several of your customers and hearing first-hand about the success stories of your other wide array of equipment, it sounds like you are way more than just a trimming company. Could you talk more to that evolution?

When and why did you expand to equipment outside of trimming?

Where do you see GreenBroz in 5 and 10 years from now? How will you continue to evolve?

In this day and age, it seems like almost everything we use is “Made in China”. I know that you are a big advocate for “Made in the USA”, thank you for that! Could you speak to why that is the case?

I want to give a special shout out to Lise on your team, she is one of my favorite people in this entire industry. You have an awesome team, including Marco and Tim on the marketing side. We enjoy working with everyone we meet from your side.



Very excited to learn about this; I wish I had a few pictures to show here of my neighbor’s process when they trim (from sun up to sun down, they stand outside under an awning and hand trim pounds and pounds of herb even on the hottest days.)

One thing that stood out to me when I was talking with GreenBroz about setting this up was the focus of the conversation on educating both new and old cultivators on the benefits of automation when the time is right. I love that, I think that’s a great attitude and stance!

A few starter questions:

1.) Why trimming? What was the inspiration for getting into this in the first place? What need did you see that the idea was brought up “we can make this more efficient and automated?”

2.) Is there any industry preference or standard for trimming wet versus dry? If so, why would that be? I’ve heard “customer choice” in the past, but are there scientific reasons for trimming buds dry versus wet?

3.) Expanding on @nick’s reply, I’m looking at the other harvest equipment that you offer. Personally, I love seeing a huge pile or bag of kief (I have a commercial rosin press in my garage, we party around here,) could you explain a bit on how the Alchemist series work and what benefits that would provide over a traditional tumbler or shaker?


Hi everyone, I am Cullen Raichart. Founder and CEO of GreenBroz, Inc. I am also the inventor of our current product line. Happy to answer any question you may have. I have a couple of started questions so take a look at my answers below.

I actually started with our Alchemist. A friend of mine was sifting using a silk screen and he asked me to make him a kief tumbler. So I made one out of four screen on a shaft that rotated. The first unit didn’t have any sides so when I tested it I filled my house with a kief cloud. It was in the process of trying to sell that machine that I ran into the trimming scene. I saw what was out there and knew there had to be a better way. That’s what lead to the trimmer.

Dry trimming is historically the way it has been done. as the plant dries and cures all the maturity and flavor depth comes out. Once it has completely dried it is stable. Wet trimming was a reaction to the volume issue. Farmers with large crops needed to get crops processed fast so along comes wet trimming and that concept. Cannabis like all plants is alive and actively doing what plants do for a period of time once it is cut. You can see that with flowers if you cut a flower petal after the flower was cut it will brown. Cannabis tries to repair the damage that is done during trimming. Does that affect things? I believe it does. Dry trimming really allows for the best end product.

The alchemist used stretched stainless steel screens that are micron specific. That is the holes don’t change sizes and the screen does not shed. Nylon and vinyl both shed…. The tumbling action onto the tightened screen is what makes it so effective. It is a great compliment to Rosin presses the golden color of the rosin speaks to that clearly.


I hope it was at least humorous at the time! My first experience with dry ice trying to sift on a glass plate left me with kief on the floor and walls! Nothing like sweeping up product into a dustpan!

Necessity is the mother of invention! Love stories like this!

I can actually personally attest to this, I’ve dry tumbled in bubble bags (remember, necessity is the mother of invention cough,) and I’ve found nylon fibers from the screen in the end pile (not what you want.) It’s nice to see you pay attention to this!

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Great questions. GreenBroz, Inc. is a harvesting/Cannabis solutions company. while the Trimmer is obviously our flagship product the industry itself has a lot of need for solutions to its unique problems. cannabis is unique in that the flower is the product and the delicate nature of that product requires specific handling and care. Many people try to apply existing technology to Cannabis and find out the hard way that it really doesn’t work. Our batching machine for instance is accurate to 100th of a gram while everything else on the market is accurate to a tenth. If you are weighing grams that is a significant issue.

GreenBroz, Inc. will continue to look for solutions to our industries unique problems. We will continue to be proudly made here in the USA


Speaking on trimmers, have you made any significant advances to your original trimmer? How do things like the angle of the blades affect performance and quality of the end product?

Do you have any thoughts on bladeless trimmers? Advantages or disadvantages to that type of setup?

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to amplify on the being made in America point. we are actually Made in america, not just assembled. we have a great facility and invite anyone to come visit.


Speaking of solutions, what is this I heard about a prototype auto sorter you debuted at MJBizCon in Vegas last year? Could you elaborate on that more?

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yes we are in development on a Surgical steel model the completely breaks down for cleaning. With legalization comes regulations, the new model is lab quality and wash down ready. if by blade less you mean air then I have seen those and they seem pretty violent. there are also tumbler machines out there but again pretty hard on the product.
Our focus is first on quality. why would you spend all that time money and energy into growing your product to stick it in a barrel and tumble it?


the sorter is an excellent addition to any farm. it sorts sizes based on personal preference. completely adjustable. it is made from all food safe material and is easy to clean and maintain. the base model starts shipping mid to end of February. we have a deluxe mode in work that will auto load and have weighing options available…

constant innovation!


We just had a great topic here on Growers Network about it trimming machines being tested for contaminants! That’s great news, staying a step ahead of the curve!

What do people mean when they say “hard on the product” when it comes to trimming? Is there a visible difference in quality? Can you see visible damage to the trichomes under a microscope?

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Do you have pictures of the new sorter prototype on your website? Anything you could share with us here?

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many trimmers are tumble oriented that is the product tumbles around like being in a clothes dryer. that degrades the quality of the product knocking of the fingers or intricate strain specific flower formations. anyone who grows can recognize their flower by its shape. Tumbling buds makes them all the same shape… the action of the GreenBroz machine is gentle rotating action that preserves the intricate details of the flower. our focus is on quality quality quality we just do it fast :smiley:


not yet there are videos out there of it in action but the new machine will have significant improvements and functionality. the reaction to it in Vegas lead to multiple pre orders and some serious product testing feed back. it will function the same just be a lot easier to clean and work with.


Hi Cullen,
How much time and what conditions are recommended between harvest and trimming for the flower to be at the optimum dryness for your trimming machines?


Switching gears here for a minute on the education focus of what your company does:

What are the challenges you find with educating a market on your type of products?
What obstacles are in your way that prevents more success with what you’re trying to achieve?
What are you doing to actively promote the education and use of products like this?

I also reached out to a buddy of mine who just asked me some questions about commercial trimmers and thought this would be a great opportunity since we’re talking right now! These are his questions (from Facebook.)

1.) Their 215 how long or how much product on average can be processed before recommended cleaning?
2.) How long to clean with heavy use?
3.) Where can I see one in action? Will they be in Cannacon Seattle?

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