Autumn Autos 2019

Hey, hey, hey you Potheads and Ganjagrowers! Welcome to my Autumn 2019 Grow. All autos, all organic, all the time!

We’re gonna be rockin and boppin to you live from my 25ft² grow space (two 2.5x5x7 tents), burning bright with 2 hlg 320xl v2 dimmable qb lights. The playlist is a moving and grooving mix of sativa-y Blues and cheesy Blues, with a couple other oddballs thrown in to shake things up:
Tent A The Cheese Tent–>6 plants
Blue Cheese (from Big Buddha, Expert, and Dinafem)
Chiesel (Big Buddha)
Sweet CBD auto from @greenthunder907

Tent B The Blues Tent–>4 plants
Blue Dream’atic (Fastbuds)
Blue Pearl (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Blue Amnesia XXL (Dinafem)
Critical Blue (Expert)

All of this coming live from 5 gallon fabric pots filled with 2.5 gallons Promix Bx, 1.25 gallon Happy Frog, ½ gallon Perlite, ½ gallon Coco, and 1 tsp Recharge.

The ladies love groovin out to their Earth Juice Original 5, AN’s Root Trio & Nirvana, NFTG’s Demeter & Persephone, and Real Grower’s Recharge. 4th show with this soundtrack, but watch out now, cause the girls are going to go wild! Everything has been tuned and tweaked and there’s going to be significantly more cowbell! Oh, this party is going to be canntastic!

Now, let me take it down a notch. Can ya dig it, babybaba? Let’s talk grow goals:
–Improve VPD during all stages of grow, using the equipment I currently have;
–Once they get going, tailor the feed to each individual pot, even when that gets to be a pain;
–LST all The Blues;
–Figure out Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese (4th grow);
–2 oz minimum all plants (hoping for much more, but I won’t be happy with less than 2/per);
–Keep better journaling habits
–Rock out with my…sock out

Stay tuned for the show! The live growing won’t begin for a month, but let the grow-talk start…now.

I’m listening.


So stoked for this! Can’t wait to see pictures. I will be watching every step of the way!


Great to have you along for the ride. Things might get bumpy, so make sure you’re strapped in tight.


Looking for it .
Any idea when? Looking forward to seeing it and good luck.


Dropping seeds September 27th.


Got my seeds!


Gotta love that feeling haha


Excited to follow along


Welcome! Only a few more weeks til I drop!


Looks interesting. I throw autos in my bud room for a quicker bumper crop. Some people can really get them to produce. Definitely going to be following this one.


I like autos because of the huge variety of strains I can grow at once.


I’m about to send u a few


Ditto!! :grinning:


Sent off! :grinning::grinning:


Hey, hey, hey, potheads! Welcome! It’s officially The Grow! To all the new faces here, I’m very happy to have you join me. To all the old faces: ugh, you again? :grinning:

So, guess what I just did!

To each pc cup, I added:
-A seed
-Ro water (unadjusted)
-A squirt of H2O2

I have them sitting on a tray in my oven, which had been preheated to “Bread Proof” mode (90F), then turned off before the seeds were put inside. This will be my 3rd time using this method to pop them. Honestly, it’s stealthier than trying to sneak them into their tent at 2am.

The line-up, in case anyone has forgotten:

-Blue Dream’atic
-Blue Pearl
-Blue Amnesia XXL
-Critical Blue
-BB Blue Cheese
-E Blue Cheese
-D Blue Cheese
-BB Chiesel #1
-BB Chiesel #2
-Sweet CBD


It’s been 24 hours: time to put the soaked seeds into inoculated Rapid Rooters.

I added ⅛ tsp each Piranha and Catalyst to 2 quarts of RO water, then placed the Rooters into the solution. I like to let them sit in there, occasionally mixing them around, for about 30 minutes.

I used my tweezers and placed the seeds gently into the Rooters, about ¼ inch down; I tore off a bit of each Rooter to cover the hole.

They’re snug in their heated, domed germination station. The temp inside should start rising, soon. I like to place bowls of RO water into the station to help keep humidity as high as the babies need.

They will be left in the dark until tomorrow morning.


New Soundtrack for Chiesel #2

This girl is going to be grooving to her own tune with:
Veg+Bloom DIRTY Nutrient Starter Kit | direct from Growers House

I am doing a Product Test, which is kinda nifty.


Light’s on!

Got it set at 100w, 36" above the top of the Rooters. The light will stay on 24/7 for about a week, then I’ll drop it down to 20/4 or 18/6 for a few weeks.

Currently, the seeds are at 88%/75°F. Let me give them a few hours under the light, then I’ll report back on updated temps/rh in the dome. Looking to the light to help raise temps up a couple degrees. When I removed the domed for one minute, the humidity immediately dropped to 81%.

No big movement, yet, though Critical Blue is starting to push off her Rooter cap.

Had to reposition Critical Blue and Blue Pearl a bit deeper in their rooters.

Blue Dream’atic and DF Blue Cheese are about ready to throw open their arms. I bet by morning, I have 2 green sprouts.

Rh/Temps: 81%/81F
Gave each 1 tbsp of RO water

This weekend, I won’t be able to helicopter parent, so…let’s hope I don’t let them dry out.


4 Days From Dropping Seeds:

Each Rooter recieved 1 tbsp of unpH’d RO water at 7am.

Temps/rh @ 7am: 81F/81%
-Since I wasn’t going to be home during the day to monitor temps/rh, I opened 2 dome vents and placed 2 pieces of triple folded foil under the tray, to lift it off the heat mat a bit.

Temps/rh @ 10pm: 79F/80%

7 out of 10 are out of their shells. I checked the other 3; both Chiesels have cracked, but the Expert Blue Cheese still hasn’t done anything. I will allow the EBC to keep trying for up to 2 weeks, but if it doesn’t at least crack by Monday, I will drop another. If the Chiesels take longer than Tuesday to lose their seeds, I will also drop 2 more of those.

I have rearranged the germination tray, so the ungermed seeds are all together.


Cheese has always been one of my favs… You pick amazing strains