Best legit online sites to buy seeds

Just need some help from my new community of people who’s pros and know the inn’s and out’s on the best websites that’s low key and u can buy the seeds

low key… i take it your in prohibition land? Not a big deal if you are … most places will ship stealth. But a couple I can think of is


I used Seedsman and true north seed bank. Seedsman takes longer but they gave me a crap ton more free seeds. If you’re trying to stay stealthy, most of the good ones offer stealth packages and guaranteed delivery. To go a step further, get a bitcoin wallet and pay with that and get a PO Box. Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies are harder to trace payments and a lot of banks will give you a discount, sometimes even free seeds.


@ dboyreelz313
Seed cellar in jackson michigan has done me right twice now easy transaction and quick to get the seeds. They use cash app super simple.

Just a thought fellas.


Since they do host the forum. :wink:


I couldn’t remember the name, that’s why I didn’t answer :man_facepalming:

3 Likes fast easy a little on the high side as far as price but they’ll actually send your seeds

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What I’m growin right now growers choice are killing it definitely great f2 f3s. :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:


Thank you, @oldguy. I forgot the name as well.


I have used sensible seeds for years and they have options to ship stealth. They give you a lot of promo seeds for spending over a certain amount, paying via Bitcoin and also they give the option to pay via Amazon gift card purchase. They have tons of seed banks and breeders they work with so their selection is massive.
They also have great customer service. I even got to pick my bonus seeds instead of getting random strains. Large selection of photo and auto.

KOS SEEDS. In the U.S. ONLY reg. Organic seeds
shipping about 6 or 8 bucks.

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Great genetics and stupid fast shipping


Agree with @bow4buck chitown is my go to bank, the owner is very well known and respected on the forum @automatik , here is a link to his thread New seed Bank Chitownseeds


Got a coupon code for 25% off. launch2021


I recommend these online cannabis seed banks

  1. Crop King Seeds [Top recommended] :point_right::point_right:
  2. I Love Growing Marijuana :point_right::point_right:
  3. Seedsman :point_right::point_right:
  4. Sun West Genetics :point_right::point_right:

See also full review here :

Welcome to the community. Well i have used crop king seeds and i will never again there that crappy. I would recommeng exotic genetics as the breeder and as the best online retailer and best priced for the grower. This is where i shop when i buys seeds. Seedsman is ok also. Ilgm is a Joke and sells herm seeds. Not a good list of places to buy at all. Buying seeds in the u.s. is legal good lord.


I second chitownseeds they are the best bank I’ve ever used