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Creating Edibles

Post all your home-made consumable edibles here.

And here is a educational link to an article about edibles:


Here’s the method I follow to make Basic Cannabudder/cocobudder:

I use 1oz dried buds per 1/2 cup of coconut oil or ghee. This ends up making enough for 26-30 doses ~ 175mg THC each, depending on strain.

-2 pint Mason Jars with lids
-baking tray
-2 oz ice cold Everclear
-1/2 cup melted Refined Coconut oil, Ghee, or a mix of the two
-30 grams quality bud
-Electric pressure cooker
-Cheesecloth or linen bag
-glass bowl/pyrex cups
-small collander that fits onto bowl
-spatulas, spoons, etc
-boiling water

1.Heat oven to 230°F;

  1. Lightly ground bud, divide between 2 pint jars, gently tighten the lids and back off by a ÂĽ turn;

  2. Place jars on tray and put into oven. Turn-up heat to 250°F and bake for 15 minutes;

  3. Gently shake jars and then allow to decarb for another 15 minutes;

  4. After 30 minutes total baking time, remove jars from oven and allow to cool for about 15 minutes, remove lids, then spritz/drizzle in 1oz of Everclear per jar, thoroughly stirring and crunching the decarbed bud and fluid;

  5. Add ÂĽ cup melted oil to each jar, thoroughly crunching and strirring;

  6. Place lids back on jars, just barely tighten them, and then back off by ÂĽ turn;

  7. Place jars in Pressure Cooker, using a trivet/towel to keep jars off bottom of pot; add hot water til half-way up jars;

  8. Pressure cook for 30 mins (sometimes I do 2x15 minute cycles, stirring between them);

  9. Allow cooker to depressurize and remove jars; allow to cool about 5 minutes;

  10. Place a collander over a glass bowl/cup, line it with cheese cloth/linen bag, and thoroughly strain your herbs from your oil.

You’ll end up with between ⅓-½ cup of immediately usuable and very potent Budder. I don’t add lecithin to my budder recipe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

In the photo, I spread the decarbed buds out on a baking sheet to spritz them with Everclear, but I usually just do it directly in the jar

I make Chill Pills, Chocolates, Caramels, and various other recipes, using about 1 tsp per serving, depending on strain.

@greenthunder907 here’s that instant pot budder recipe.


Tks man I have been playing around with decarbing to make chocolates for yrs sometimes getting it right but not often lol . I usually just use BHO but think its missing some qualities


I actually developed this Budder SPECIFICALLY for dosing chocolates! It works so well for those and allows me to use such a small amount of fat per dose, that it’s now my Standard Budder Recipe.

This recipe makes a tray of 30 ½oz chocolates:
Melt 1.5 cups of Guittard Dark Chocolate Chips with a batch of Budder (1/3 cup) and 1-2 tbsp of Medaglia D’oro instant espresso. I dust a silicone candy mold with Cocoa powder, then I put 1 tbsp of the mixture into each mold. I dust the tops with cocoa, then cover with parchment and allow to set completely. Unfortunately, due to the budder, these cannot be properly tempered for that perfect chocolate snap. They are still delicious, delicate chocolates that melt quickly in your mouth or a cup of coffee/hot cocoa.


I like the powderd cocoa looks tasty;)


If I make the buffer with cocoa butter will it temper ( that’s usually how I make them) or is it more bio available with actual butter?


Srry I don’t read the message b4 I send ( I should start I guess lol;)


It might. It depends on getting the balance of the chocolate’s milk solids and the fats correct. Unfortunately, with adding the soft oils, that balance is ruined.

I have made nicely tempered batches, but I end up doubling the bud amount in my budder so I can use less budder in the chocolate recipe. This can be a pain, because I have to change my budder making methodology, making the process messier and about 3 hours longer.


The best carrier fluids for edibles seem to be Ghee and Coconut oil. They are both saturated fats so they’re naturally friendlier with hydrophobic cannabinoids. There has been some comparative testing done by others, and the 2 oils above won, hands down. I cannot share those links, here, unfortunately. They’re easy to find, though.


Man. Like lovin in the oven sister.

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Some people get serious upset stomachs from coconut oil… I only avoid it for that reason and when I want something to stay liquid it’s not the best…


Olive and cannabis share similar processes, internally, so when they’re put together they sort of, (this is all conjecture) adhere to one another, a perfect molecular fit, I eat a spoon full through out the day, each dose is felt, strangely, it’s a sedative- UPlift, just like that. I saw a carrier test performed on butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. The test kit indicated that olive oil was the better carrier, but I’m not a :microscope: lab :gear: tech. The test could have been in complete error, maybe oil(s) quality plays a role, maybe it was right. I would say, let’s hit the kitchen and see. :yum:

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I switched to hemp from coconut for my capsules and everyone says they are way better… I also blend in grape seed sometimes… a 3,6,9 omega fatty acid blend is really good also… I use a pet version for my CBD pet supplements…


Olive Oil is mostly monounsaturated fat. That doesn’t quite absorb as many cannabinoids as oils that are mostly saturated fats.

I bet if you farther read that article, only one batch of Olive oil from one test company showed olive oil to be best, while several other tests run during the same experiment indicate Coconut Oil and Ghee.


Yes. Coconut oil can cause MILD diarrhea if too much is ingested. That being a known issue, I use a blend of Coconut Oil and Ghee, plus I make my Budder strong, less than a tsp is needed per dose.

:grinning: Remember, @Ladithief, there are many ways of doing something, while still following the basic scientific principles. My Budder recipe is very effective. :grinning:

Hemp oil isn’t something I’m interested in using, myself. It has too low of a smoke point if I choose to cook with my budder.


I mixed olive oil and butter in my last batch. It is so smooth. Decadent

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Plus black peppercorn

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Pink champagne flowers and such, gorilla glue leaves,