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Excommunicato's Journal

The last time I dried mine which was getting close to a year ago, I took down all the lights in my tent, then hung the branches from the roof supports after cleaning all the big shade leaves off them. I find that is the easiest method for cleaning (removing all the big stuff but leaving the sugar leaves before drying). Then I just turned my Infinity exhaust fan on the lowest setting with the temp setting off and the humidity setting at 60%. And put a fan in the bottom of the tent to circulate the air around but not blowing on the bud and when it got to a reading of 50% I jarred them put in humidistats and burped them when it got up to around 70%. Then when things settled in to 62% I started the final cleaning. I bought 8 gallon jars but already had 4, which reminds me I need to get 4 more lol. What I couldn’t fit in the gallon jars I put is a 5 gal bucket with a couple boveda packs.

Your bud looks great! How is the smoke? Surely you’ve torched some by now? Lol



@excommunicato I think you got this? Just believe in yourself now and under think, if that is such a phenomenon. Seriously, I think you got this.


I was going to wait until mid cure to try it out…but it stays lit when smoking so it should be ready for jars in a few days. This is the first real harvest I’ve ever had and I can’t say I did a bad job.


Thanks skinny I tend to over shoot it sometimes.