Expensive clones and seeds?

I had a conversation with a fella the other day about prices paid for clones. I was offered some for like €6 each for ten minimum.

He said that last year a certain strain was selling cuttings for €1000 per clone. In Barcelona. Can’t remember the strain.

He also mentioned that some sell for tens, hundreds or thousands depending how rare they are.

So what’s the most you’ve heard of a seed or a clone selling for?

Is this even true ? I don’t know the guy he may have thought he was selling a plant for a lot to an idiot (me) although he’s very helpful and seems nice enough so I doubt that haha.


According to this Freakshow is selling for $100 right now, given that availability increases exponentially every few months it probably was a heckuva lot more expensive a few months ago.


Here on the west coast, when you can buy clones, you can buy one or two clones if you want (or 10, or 20, or however many you want to buy). I’ve not seen a minimum purchase amount.

That being said, that price (€6) per plant (for a minimum of 10) can’t be beat over here.

It still sounds shady as hell though.


Yeah but what are the prices by you @OlyBoy?

What’s the most expensive you e heard and what was it mate?

I thought they sound to cheap €6 each like.


California and Oregon? $10 - $15 (1.5x - 2.0x the price) for a strain whose name you might know.

I’ve never bought one. I’d rather buy seeds and a the guarantee that might come along with it if the plant doesn’t turn out.


I have read of 2 different occasions so far in this forum about people who had bought a clone for $1000+


Theres a rare purple urkle clone (tka) cut up for auction at $1000. Then if it sells well they are going to auction another one exodus cheese.


Last year my buddie and fellow grower, when he got his Medical card and grow license, did it all through the same place, they also sold him clones to start. He paid $50 each, and they were not very good either. He grew them out, but it was pretty much shit weed.


Well that’s not good lol


Nightmare scenario.

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Heavy that. I’d have to make sure I had everything perfect before I invested that amount in to a cutting because that is basically an investment.


Another question I should have asked is how are they priced who values them and why do we accept this price haha?


Just like everything, the consumer (growers, breeders, collectors) sets the price. Some growers have award winning phenotypes and when it becomes super rare to find seed or cuts from that mother plant the demand drives pricing.

But like @OlyBoy said, here in Cali or Oregon (or just the Pacific coast in general) there are so many options that the demand can’t keep up. I’ve seen $40+ clones in dispensaries but those are usually “teens” that have grown out slightly…and that’s only from reputable breeders. In the grower community though is where the legit seeds and clones are exchanged and auctioned.


Thanks @jaxsonl5 is there any links on here for clone info? I’d like to see plants before and after they had clones taken please


Yes there are strains that go for over 1000 a cut. Runtz for instance was one of those not long ago. Yea you can buy a pack of beans now but will get what ya want outta of it? Not if you’re looking for that signature pheno most likely… And sure a guy can pheno hunt thru 100s of plants to get what he wants… or he can pay a guy who already put the work in… value is relative to many things. Something is worth as much as someone’s willing to pay for it!!


Not sure about links, i’m sure @Slym3r might be of better help. Sure @PreyBird1 has pics of a plant before and after cuts were taken.

@ghostgreenguy said the perfect point…the breeder has done a ton of work hunting for that single prize phenotype and then preserving it. You’re paying for years of hard work in exchange for a fire AF plant :fire:


Heres my Runtz thread. Its long but i cloned them tons of times. I even did a SOG with 25 plants in 1 gallon fabric pots. Im atill posting in this thread as i still Breed Runtz and cross it. I have been for 3 yrs. Long before it was strain of the year. Im trying to a get special cross im close to it. I have my own strains nobody has. I only released 8 of my 12.


Nice what did you cross runtz with mate?

I have Runts and white Runts. I have 2 crosses with afficianados white caviar f3. Then i have 2 crossed with skywalker og. And right now im finishing 4 femmanized strains of Runtz. Amnesia lemon x Runtz. Runtz x slapz Runtz x white caviar x white Runtz. And a Runtz x lemon haze auto.