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For those who self sustain

Those are r days tops of a cutting and I could of used them on day 4. I’m happy with that.

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So @slym3r ,as promised a video of new born. She is in the back, not very active this morning and still waiting to catch her on video running circles around her mom. Cheers from SA to OK, USA.


Awesome :blush: keep it up. No Cellings.

I’m on the GorBucket. Good so far a few tip to upgrade.

Welcome to the Growers Network Forum
. Get your grow ONNNNNNNNNN.

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Awes. I don’t know how I missed this one. Tequila lol

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Cheers mate.

That’s a damn fine ass

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A little update. Harvested some tobacco and potatoes this morning, shared around and what is left for home.

Some baby spuds.

Hanging the tobacco leaves for smoke soon.

Just before our viking lumber jack started cutting, the pigs decided the best place to rest would be under the trunk.

The pieces that I am saving and going to have made into planks of pine. About 3 metres in length. I decided not to even attempt doing this myself and hired a mate to come help with the proper skills and chainsaw. Its been much more work than he anticipated. Wood for months to come, and loads of pine cones ( firestarters )

Got to be careful where you step cause the whole family follows.

A bottle of the finest pilsner locally made by a good man that passed recently.


That’s pretty cool I’ve never seen anyone grow and cure their own tobbaco

The whole fam… awes