Grow 2-Jilly Bean and Flu Shot Cough x G13 Haze Fem Photoperiod

Snakes are cool. I don’t imagine you have any problem with rodents around there. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Cool. But disgusting. I’m not a snake guy. I know they’re useful, but still. I’ll get a cat or 2 when I have too many rodents around :crazy_face: Encountered with a few king browns down under. We are not friends.


I LOVE snakes well literally all reptiles actually, I used to own A 7.5 ft Red Tail Boa she was BEAUTIFUL!!! Jezi… haha Jezabelle Your Plants look great bro!


Snakes be good! Love them, good for the environment for sure. You gots plenty!



Ever seen this doc? DO! :stuck_out_tongue: Gave me the shivers and goosebumps for about 28 mins straight. Damn I hate snakes.


Thanks Monkey,
Watched the whole thing!
Gotta say, the friggin cockroaches bothered me more than the snakes!!!


Hi Everyone–final update on my 2nd grow.

I cut the JB down last week and it’s been hanging. The yield was…meh but it smells real nice so I am hoping it’s good quality.

I cut down the Flu Shot plant tonight. This was the freebie seeds from Chitown Seeds, @automatik

I could not be happier with these buds. To me, they are amazing. I cut them down tonight and gave them a little trim. I’ll trim again in a week or two when they dry.

Question for you guys. I am going to use Grove bags to store and cure them in. Do you guys just drop them in the bag and leave them, or do you open them once in a while to burp them like with the Mason Jars?

I’d like to thank every one of you guys for all of your support and encouragement. I could never have done it without you. I would especially like to thank @TheMadFlascher for all his great ideas with BBP and Humic Acid etc. My wife loves that stuff on all of her ornamentals now!

@preybird1 @nacho151 @happilyretired
@MrMonkey420 @sssportsmfg

Here’s some pictures from tonight:

Flu Shot strain from Chitown’s Relic Seeds


Nice branches! I just put 12 seeds into towels.
I got some
1970 skunk#1 - an oldman gave me these.
White rhino - my seeds
Runtz - My seeds.




52 year old genetics. How cool is that.


Hey guys:

I just jarred up and Grove bagged the Flu Shot strain. I was pretty impressed with some of those buds, so I thought I would show them off to you guys.

They are hard and crusty, like door knockers.

I will post a couple pictures of my outside grow later, but I just want to say I think that Earth Dust is working really good–that in conjunction with weekly BBP. I also have a couple tomato plants growing in the same recipe and they look amazing too. They also get the BBP.


Beautiful trim job there. Find looking flower. Job well done…:+1:t3::v:t3:


Thanks dirt!
I’m glad to hear that your experience with the Earth Dust was successful for you!
I believe they probably stipulate ‘not letting the soil dry out’ because they need the breakdown of the organic components. I guess it’s a case of degree!!

For the apprentice grower, I believe determining soil moisture levels is one of the toughest tasks!
Call me cruel, but I believe that occasionally witholding irrigations (to the point of plant wilting) is a good thing…IMHO if it is taking more than two days to see wilting…you are probably overwatering!!!


However this is also relative to the size of the plant, I might add…


Earth Dust update:

I have 2 Autoflowers and one Photoperiod plant going in Earth Dust and Roots Organic. They are all in 5 gallon pots that I was able to cook outside on my deck for 4 weeks before transplanting the seedlings.

All three plants are about three weeks behind each other. The big one is the only one that has had the first Boost application. They have all been getting sprayed once a week with BBP as well.

The one on the right is an Ethos Crescendo Auto and the one on the far left is an Ethos Strawberry Cookie Auto. The plant in the middle is one of @preybird1 s Runtz seeds.

I am very happy with how things are growing–pretty easy–all I do is add water. I also put one of the filters on my garden hose like Dan from Green Sunshine suggests. I think that is helping.

I also have some tomato plants going with Earth Dust and BBP too and they look really nice too.