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Hemp Auto Flower seeds "Auto Tsunami" and "Auto Pilot"

We have both strains available - Tests available and show -> 93% germ rate - 100% feminized - grow outdoor - indoor or greenhouse. 100 minimum order 2.00 per seed 10.00 for shipping
contact [email protected]



Hope all going well your end and things are blooming nicely

Thought I would touch base with you and see if you would be interested in my range of seeds.

I run which has most of the established seed banks, though I have been active in the cannabis industry for over 25 years and have built up a large network of breeders , so can pretty much source any strain to suit your needs; access to over 6000 plus strains covering all your requirements - THC, CBD, Autoflower, CBD Hemp ( Farm Bill compliant ), Landrace etc.

We ship worldwide and our packaging is very discreet and stealthy.

Fellow GN members will be given a 10% discount on all orders and large / Bulk orders will get a better discount and extra free seeds as well.

If interested please drop me a message and I will do my best to advise and happy to jump on the phone for a chat if easier.




Do you know when your mango haze by cbd crew will be back in stock?

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Hey there,

@sensibleseeds, @hemp100 we run a large cbd operation and are currently looking for new genetics below 1%.
Maybe you have some awesome full with trichomes, very terpy and heavy yielding strains for us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dutchflowers Magazine
CEO Origin International

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Hi Janique,

Thanks for reaching out. Please see attached a list of strains we are having at the moment.

If you are interested in bulk, our price starts from $1.30.

You can send me your queries on [email protected]

High CBD Strains ( Max THC 1% ) (1).docx (15.4 KB) High THC Seeds.docx (18.1 KB) Low THC Strains , High CBD.docx (14.8 KB) pest-mold resistant-hardy strains.xlsx (18.9 KB)


Thanks champ for the quick response. I will take a look at the documents when im at the office tomorrow and i will get back to you.


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